Azithromycin instead of doxy


Has anyone used the one gram dose of azithromycin powder form instead of Doxy. The doxy is so hard on my stomach, I asked for an alternative… this is what they gave me. Never had one in powder form before.



I was taking azithromycin powder last year and it was very effective (not for IVF but for other reasons). Taking azithromycin was not bad at all (as I thought it will be).

Few tips (given to me by my Dr., it worked in my case :cheer: ):

  • take azithromycin while standing (do not sit and do not be in bed while swallowing it)
  • after taking azithromycin take a slow walk min 20 min (again, forbidden is to sit and to go to bed during that time)
  • after that time, behave normaly.

This is the tip to prevent irritation of your upper digestive tract (esophagus), what azithromycin might cause.

Good luck!



My RE offers the choice of either one. Good luck!