azoospermia (very high FSH)


Hi, we found out about a week ago that my husband had zero sperm in his ejaculation. We also found out that his FSH is very high for someone his age and his testosterone is normal. I am so worried that we will never be able to have kids. He is receiving acupuncture treatments right now. The acupuncturist thinks the cause of this infertility is all of the vaccines he had to get because he deployed to Iraq 3 times. Is there anyone else with this similar problem? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated because I am worried sick.


We are in the same situation, only my husband has never been in the military. We have no reason for his MFI. Have you two been to a RE yet? And, has he seen a reproductive urologist?
Our story:
Me -30, PCOS. Did one round of clomid before we got is SA back.
HIm - 36, azoospermia with FSH 30.1. Normal Testosterone and LH. Not currently on any medications.
We have been floored by the results and are in the process of sorting out which direction to go.
You’ll have to keep me updated on your hubby’s FSH. We have not tried any alternative treatments. Our next step is a testicular biopsy to see if we can find any sperm. If so we might pursue ICSI.
Side note: We are also looking into IVF abroad. Our insurance isn’t going to cover any of the treatments…


Hello, I am quite new to this community of blogging, but I have found some great topics. My husband was also diagnosed with Azoospermia, he has undergone a testicular biopsy and FNA mapping procedure and everything came back zero. However, I can tell you that we have seen one of the best specialists in California. I would highly recommend you read about all the issue on his page and look into a further consultation with him, he is truly awesome. His name is Dr. Turek and he is out of San Francisco, CA. Even with a high FSH, it can still be possible to conceive and he will go over all this with you.

Best of luck to you guys.


Thanks Janettaflores for the information. Sorry to hear that you guys went through all the testing and came back with nothing. Mind me asking what other options you are pursing now?


DesireaRN- yes, we have seen an RE. Right now we are waiting for results of a karyotype test and a y chromosome microdeletions test. It’s taking forever. Keep me posted on what you guys end up doing. Thanks.

Janettaflores- thanks, I have heard of Dr. Turek and am thinking of doing a phone consultation with him when we get our results back. thanks.