I need some opinions/stories on back2back iui’s. I go in monday for a check on my follies, which is CD7 and I wanna see if my dr will do my next iui with 2 back2back. I have mentioned it to her before but she said there isnt any proven stats out that it works better…HELP!!


I’ve seen 3 RE’s and they have all said b2b IUI’s don’t increase you chances unless you are using donor sperm. I mean sure another IUI would get more sperm up there to attack the egg, but if its times right it shouldn’t matter.


I did B2B IUIs and got pregnant 2 times. Some background, I did my 1st two IUIs as singles and the results were BFNs. Then I did my 1st B2B IUI and got a BFP that ended in an unfortunate miscarriage. Then I did 2 more B2B IUIs of which the 2nd resulted in a viable pregnancy and my daughter who is now 3 months old.

In my opinion, as a person who ONLY did OPKs prior to the IUIs, I think that getting an IUI done the day of your surge and then again the day after. This allows you to catch the egg if before it releases and then potentially after it releases. In my case, the egg would still be there on the 1st IUI and would be gone 24 hours later during 2nd IUI. I got pregnant 2 times doing it this way and now I have a baby so I am a believer in B2B IUIs.