Baby Classes


Hi Ladies,

I registered for some classes last week. I registered for the prenatal series (4 day class) that goes through about birthing, contractions, lamaze, pain, C-Section, vaginal birth, etc. I also registered for the breastfeeding classes which goes through lactation, pumping, storing, feeding, etc. The last class I registered for was Infant Care which teaches swaddling, holding a baby, changing diapers, bathing the baby, etc. The classes are held at my hospital where I will be birthing. I was even going to register for CPR, but the classes are full all the way into Feb! So I didn’t register for the CPR class…the classes I already registered for were so expensive!

The classes don’t start for me until January.

I’m starting to hear from fellow friends who recently had babies that the classes are unnecessary and do not really help. A girlfriend of mines said she took all the classes with her husband and when the baby came, she completely forgot what to do. My sister who is also expecting, did not take any of these classes. She is due in Jan and the only thing she did was take the maternity ward tour and got a brief rundown of c-section and vaginal birth. She felt the classes were unnecessary. She said she has all the reference books and can look up everything online. I’m iffy about that.

This is my first and neither me or DH have a single clue of what to do. We thought the classes would be a good idea so we have an idea of what to do and what not to do.

Did you ladies take the classes? Did you find them useful?


I took a baby care class and breastfeeding class and found them to be very informative. I would recommend them. I haven’t signed up for baby CPR yet but want to. Like you, I’ve found the CPR classes are harder to sign up for because there aren’t as many of them. I didn’t sign up for a labor/birthing class because I’ll be having a c-section.

Although a baby doll and real baby aren’t the same, I think the more knowledge you have the better. The class also addressed how to choose a pediatrician, how to pick a bottle (different flows for different ages) and those that are best for breast milk, how to soothe a crying baby, sleeping, umbilical cord care, taking temperature, signs of illness, crib/car seat safety, preventing household accidents and communication with baby. I got a lot of handouts and look over them every few days. We all tend to be forgetful.

The breastfeeding class was also very helpful for me, especially since it’s something I really want to do but didn’t know a whole lot about. I have some friends who’ve said they tried breastfeeding and gave up after a few weeks because they and their baby “couldn’t figure it out.” I don’t want to fall into that category. By the way, they said formula costs about $2500-$3000 per year per baby, not including bottles. It talked about benefits of breastfeeding, how husbands or support people can help, what to do if baby is in the NICU, how to increase milk supply, different types of pumps, how to wake baby for feeding, feeding cues, proper holding/positioning/latching, breastfeeding problems, milk storage and resources you can use if you run into problems. They also give out samples of breast pads, nipple cream and other stuff.


I’m sure you’ll get lots of different opinions. Another thing to think about is hiring a doula. I think ours was maybe $300 and she came to our house and talked to DH and I a couple of times before our labor, was available to be with us anytime we wanted her once labor started, helped me get going with breastfeeding after I delivered, and visited twice after birth at our house to check in and help with breastfeeding. Now we also did a childbirth class with her, so we had that background as well, but if the classes are really that expensive, you might think about a doula instead:flower:



Everyone learns differently so you just have to think about what’s going to be best for you. I have been reading books but I’m also taking all the classes because to me, knowledge is power. There’s always something to learn and to hear different perspectives is helpful for me.


[B]I didn’t take no classes, I agree with mernybird!!! Knowledge is power and vie been interested in all subjects relating to fertility, pregnancy, miscarriages labor and babies. But all this comes natural. At least for me it did. I google or read if not it’s like automatic you know what to do and I wasn’t raised with little brothers or sisters or where there was constant babies around. I grew up alone with my parents and my husband became a natural on his first day. No one told us how to change a diaper, how to burp or feed, how to bathe a baby, once you have a baby your maternal instinct kicks in and you know exactly what to do, how to di it and when to do it. Let’s go back hundreds of years ago,were their any birthing classes or did it just came plain and simple to woman on how to take care of their young ones :flower: [/B]


[B]I forgot to write too, it’s your choice, it’s what you feel the most comfortable with…:flower: [/B]


This is my first pregnancy too, and I signed up for the same classes as you it sounds like. For me, I feel like I’d just like to be as well informed as possible and although yeah it probably all goes out the window once youre actually giving birth, I feel like it will give me some little extra peace of mind. Also I am not the type who has a lot of reference books on that sort of thing so I wouldn’t have that to fall back on and I don’t know that I will really want to be researching all about labor online. I feel like I end up finding more horror stories than anything and it will just freak me out.

Then I figure if the classes are not worth it at least I can make that judgment myself. I guess it’s my first baby so I figure I’m just gonna go for it!


I don’t know if they help my baby isn’t coming until Feb.17… But my husband really enjoyed learning everything about how labor and delivery works etc… I was glad because he is a typical man’s man and isn’t into things like that but he liked it a lot. So I would say even if it doesn’t help during labor and delivery I think it is good for the husbands to learn…if your like me you already know all there is to know… But if your not like me talk it for the education it will help.


I took all those same classes, plus CPR – and dragged my husband along with me. I pretty much knew most of the stuff in broad strokes already, but still found them useful. And I just liked the pomp and circumstance around taking the classes – made it feel like it was official that we were really having a baby. The “birthing” class was, for me, the least beneficial – although I did learn some things specific to my hospital (like they don’t do episiotomies or use forceps). The MOST beneficial for both me and my husband was the breastfeeding class (breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt – EVER – if it does, something’s wrong, get help!) and my husband really got a lot out of the infant care class as he had absolutely no experience with babies at all. What I liked from the infant care was that the instructor had lots of different products there that we could try and spent a lot of time teaching us swaddling (although after delivery, I made every nurse demonstrate it over and over and over! LOL).

Good luck!


Hi! :slight_smile:

We just did the “One Day Blast” at our hospital. It was 8.5 hours since we have to travel over an hour and didn’t want to do the 3-week series. I have to say it was totally worth it to me. We learned all about the different positions for handling contractions/labor, breathing techniques, what to expect during the various types of delivery (natural, epidural, C-Section, Induction, etc.) and what choices we will have to make in regards to the delivery. We saw 3 different live birth videos that really give you the “real” experience, not the Hollywood version. We also got a great tour of the labor/delivery unit. Some education on newborn care as well. Also a lot of direction for the coaches (in this case my husband) on what they can do to help us Mommies through the labor process.

With that said, it is your pregnancy and I would encourage you to do whatever is going to make you feel the most comfortable and prepared. Best Wishes!


Thanks ladies for the responses! I’m feeling a bit better and confident that I made the right decision in registering the classes. I do have reference books at home as well. I felt that being at a class, DH and I could have a hands on experience and be able to see what we’re suppose to do as oppose to just reading what to do in the reference book and imagining the scenario. Plus, it might give us a chance to meet other mommies too.

I was pretty gung-ho about them when I registered me and DH for the classes, and feeling pretty good about it too. Then after telling my a couple of friends and sis about the classes, I was starting to feel iffy whether or not I made the right decision about registering for the classes. They said the classes were not really that helpful and a waste of money. Afterall, the classes were pretty expensive. Plus the classes are non-refundable except in the event I deliver early and would need documentation to prove that I delivered early. I was starting to feel like I was wasting money that we could’ve used towards the baby.

So I’m glad I got to hear everyone’s input and experiences with their classes!

Thanks again!!