Baby measuring behind, no hb?


so i went for my u/s on Tues and i should have been 7 wks 2 days. Tech measured baby and according to her measurements it said 6 weeks something (not sure of exact day) and couldnt find heartbeat. Rump was measurable and she said yolk sack looked great. Doc said it could be too early and have to go back on Tues for another u/s. Has anyone had this happen to them and had a succesful pregnancy? My betas were high and im having symptoms so I was shocked that we couldnt heart hb:((


What kind of ultrasound did they use? If it was a vaginal ultrasound then the heartbeat can typically be detected at this point. If it was on your stomach, then it is hard for them to see heartbeat as soon.

I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. We went through three miscarriages before going on to have our little miracle.

I hope you hear a heartbeat next time!!


I had a similar, yet different experience. I went in for an u/s at 6w3d and they couldn’t see a hb and could barely measure the fetal pole. They had me come back a week later to make sure and there was still no hb or any growth, so it was determined a missed m/c. However, my beta levels were not good and I had no symptoms, so I knew something wasn’t right. As for you, all looks well and it could just be too early. Good luck and I :pray: that your next u/s will show the hb.


It was a vaginal u/s:(( im so upset and preparing myself for the worst. If baby did miscarry would i have bleeding by now? I had a miscarriage years ago with natural cycle and bled but i havent had anything yet but im also on progesterone suppositories so not sure if thats why…


Sometimes you bleed and sometimes you don’t. I didn’t bleed even once I stopped my meds. They had me take cytotec twice to induce the miscarriage. However, don’t count yourself out yet, as everything has looked good so far. It’s really good that they saw a good fetal pole and yolk sac!


I’m so sorry you are going through this. It hits like a ton of bricks when you’re not expecting it, too. With my last IVF cycle, I went in at 6wks 6days and no heartbeat was to be seen. I went in again 5 days later because when you’ve invested so much $$ into this, you gotta make sure, right? At almost 8wks, still nothing and my hcg levels were around 70,000. I didn’t micarry until 2 weeks later.

I hope you have a better outcome, but did want to share my experience to prepare you for the worst. Again, so sorry…


The progesterone can keep you from bleeding. I did not bleed with any of my miscarriages until after I had been off the progesterone for a few days.

You are not out of it yet. Try to be cautiously optimistic. I had the experience of a baby measuring about a week behind and it did not end well. But I’m sure that is not the case for everyone. Sorry you are having to go through this.


I am so sorry you’re going through this. I had a missed m/c in June. At our 6w3d scan, the baby measured on track and he thought he saw a hb but couldn’t say for sure. We came back at 7w0d and there was a hb, but he thought it was abnormal and the baby was measuring a bit behind. I thought it would be ok because I had absolutely no bleeding and was still having pregnancy symptoms. At my 8w0d scan, he found the hb had stopped and the baby had stopped growing. I ended up having a d&c because I was still having pregnancy symptoms and no bleeding. It doesn’t always turn out this way, but you should be prepared. By 7w, they should be able to see the hb. But I really hope you have a different result. I’ll be thinking about you.