Baby sleeping on tummy


My baby just started sleeping through the night and he has decided that he likes to sleep on his side the most, but I will occasionally find him sleeping on his tummy. I am so nervous about letting him sleep on his tummy. I have been getting up to check on him several times during the night and will usually roll him back on his side. I’m just so scared that I’m going to find him with his face squashed against the mattress. I don’t think I’m ever going to sleep a whole night again because I’m too nervous not to keep checking on him during the night. What do the rest of you do?


You need the Angelcare Movement monitor. It detects movement (breathing) and alarms if not detected in 20 sec. Its sold at BRU. I think its like $150. Take a 20% off coupon with you. I have it and LOVE it! One of the best baby items Ive bought. You will sleep so much better with this extra safeguard. Read the product reviews, after I did that I HAD TO have one.

Plus the risk of SIDS goes down after they can roll over but I still use mine. And if my little guy decides to be a crib climber it will let me know when hes escaped :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel your worry! Mine started doing the same thing at three months! I thought I was going to die when I found him on his tummy that morning! I didn’t sleep for over a month cause I was checking on him all the time. Now I feel better cause he flops all over but he still won’t EVER be on his back, even though I ALWAYS lay him down that way.

I wouldn’t worry to much but the AngleCare monitor is a good idea if you can afford it. (I can’t.)


Put an inexpensive ceiling fan in the room and don’t use bumper guards. Circulating air in a baby’s room has been shown to drastically reduce the risk of SIDS. And once the baby can roll on his or her own, the risk is reduced anyway. As long as you have a firm mattress and don’t put other smothering hazards in the crib such as blankets or soft toys, you should be fine. I used sleep sacks rather than blankets during colder months to keep the baby warm.



My baby did this at 4 months and I too worried, but I asked my pediatrician about it and he said, “Can you do anything about it?” to which I said “Not without buying some expensive sleep positioner.” He smiled and said that once the baby can get in that position the risk is less and not to worry about it. He has slept on his tummy 100% of the time since then and he’s fine. He always turns his head to the side.

I don’t have an AngelCare monitor, but just keep his baby monitor next to my bed and I figure that way if he does have any trouble, I’ll know. I know the risk of SIDS exists until they are 2yo, but I know they say the risk goes down considerably after 6 months and they can roll and have good head control. We’ll never not worry, but it does get better, I think. Although, yesterday I had a little panic because he’d been napping for a long time and I hadn’t heard him on the monitor in a while, but turns out he was just having a really good nap.


I’ve got an AngelCare monitor for each of my girls and they do give you quite a bit of piece of mind, it’s too bad they are so expensive. I wonder if you could find one second-hand for less. I know I will probably be selling mine (or giving them away if any of my sisters are still having kids) once my girls are older. The only downside is that mine goes off occasionally when the girls have pushed up towards the top of the crib (the sensor is in the center) but I’m never sure if they really did stop breathing for 20 seconds or if they just got too far away from it. They are always fine by the time I check them.

But I agree with what everyone else has said - once they are rolling, as long as their aren’t obvious suffocation hazards in the crib it’s probably not worth stressing out about. I do need to invest in some sleep sacks - I have too many blankets in my cribs.


I know I’m probably gonna get some angry responses but I’ll say it anyway.

They used to tell our moms only to put us to sleep on our tummys (along with having a glass of beer or wine every night while they were pregnant with us).

If baby can roll onto tummy baby is strong enough to lift his face to the side to keep from suffocating.


Great information from everyone here.

I also have the angel monitor and we bought it at BRU for $99 and then we used a coupon.
I believe that if you have a Burlington near you they are a little cheaper. Also check out Target too. they also have it.

I love that monitor and can’t go to sleep without it.

My little one is almost 4 months and he’s starting to roll over too. He LOVES sleeping on his side and will wake up within seconds if he’s on his back.

I’m sure he’ll soon be sleeping on his belly. It’s just bound to happen. I know that when he falls asleep on my chest and I recline on the chair he sleeps much better that way.

This is one of those things that we all worry about because of SIDS!
Check with your pediatrician too and see what he/she has to say !

Alisonbaby and Kristen - I would LOVE to see pics of your little ones!!! We’ve gone through so much together. :cheer::cheer::cheer:


My LO had acid reflux, so we started putting him on his tummy to sleep at 1 month. I talked w/the pediatrician about it first, and she agreed that since his heart beat was regular and his breathing had always been good, he was at a lower risk for SIDs, so if tummy sleeping worked better, than do it. Once he started rolling, we had no control over how he slept anyway. At 16mo, we now have a very active boy who sleeps soundly through the night.