Back to Back IUI's? Or just Single IUI?


Hi All,

Just thought I’d throw this out there to get some of your opinions on this. My doctor has been having me do a single IUI, 12 hours post trigger. I have heard a lot of ladies talk about insisting that it be 36 hours post trigger, and even doing back to back IUI’s.

I am considering requesting back to back IUI’s for this upcoming round which will be #3 for us. I’m thinking one at 12 hours and one at 36 hours post trigger?

Would love to get everyone’s thoughts!

Baby dust… :babydust:


12 hours past trigger for an IUI is kinda early. Most girls don’t ovulate until 36 hours post trigger. Plus washed sperm doesn’t last all that long. At most 24 hours, but half are died after 12 hours. Back to back IUI’s can help, but a well timed single IUI can do the job.


I like the idea of B2B iuis, but for us, it’s not ideal. husband has a hard time coming up with samples on demand for something like that, so one time is hard enough - let alone 2. So once we’re off our break and back to medicated cycles, I’m going to bring up to the doc working out a one shot iui.

I do agree with PP that 12 hours seems way too early. For me, we did 24, which I thought even that was early…


Thanks ladies!!!