Back to work and cramping


Today is day 5/6 days post 5dt and I got a positive hpt on the morning of 4/15. I haven’t been back to my job as an RN on a busy unit at a hospital since my transfer. After about 6 really busy hours I started having some really uncomfortable cramps that I hadn’t had before.

I know lots of women work tough physical jobs while pregnant but after this long to get these embryos I am terrified that my job is going to ruin my chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

I will test again in 5 or so hours when I get off work and I have my first beta on 4/17 so not too far but I’m scared tonight that they will unimplant since they were only just barely implanted at all.


Cramping is a good sign ;).


I agree cramping is a good sign ! I’m an icu nurse also very busy my RE gave me an excuse no lifting more than 10lbs an I was on light duty until 10 weeks that said it was more to protect my ovaries from twisting. If your emby implanted its not going anyway probably just digging in a little deeper


Well I got another bfp today on the less sensitive digital test. My DH wasn’t super impressed with the line that was lighter than the test line so I thought the digital one would appeal to him more. Thankfully I have enough hcg in my system to make this one positive or it would have been a failed venture. He did like the picture I sent him at work. I’m going to head home to bed soon and will probably check another FRER when I wake up to see if it’s darker than yesterday’s.

I’m glad you ladies say that I can’t cramp out my embryos. I hadn’t considered that cramping could be a good thing.


You’re like 10dpo right ??? You tell it DH ur line is beautiful at this stage a line is a freakin line and u can’t expect it to e as dark as the control for a while !!


Yeah I was yesterday when I took that one. His only experience looking at a HPT was for a girlfriend of a buddy who was “a few weeks” late already.