Bacteria/fluid in your tube?


anyone heard of this?? why how and how do you fix it?


[QUOTE=lbzg]anyone heard of this?? why how and how do you fix it?[/QUOTE]

Yes… Possibly antibiotics, but depends. If during ivf, sometimes fluid from uterus migrates back into tubes. Is there a pelvic infection dignosis?


It’s a hydrosalpinx and I Fixed mine by removing my tubes. The infection/fluid is toxic to embryos and once you have it, it tends to reoccur.


Antibiotics might be helpful only if we already know exactly what the bacteria are to choose the most suitable one, even much better with a locally effective drug. Otherwise, you have to suffer from the side effects of antibiotic for nothing, especially with yeast infection instead…or maybe virus infected…somehow…In those cases, an anti-fungal or anti-viral drug will be more appropriate!

Have you ever passed any tests about that before?
Hope we can have better choice of treatment after some testing results…

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