Bad news


I can’t thank you all enough for all your responses! We met with the animal posing as a doctor and he explained my DH results to us (this was his second SA). He has more than enough sperm (the first test showed the count being very low but this one was off the charts high) but said again, the movement and shape were abnormal, the report saying it was indicative of a “moderate infertility” issue. The doctor then proceeded to ask me when my last period was, I told him I should be ovulating any day now and he said ok, do you have an ovulation kit with you? We can do the IUI TOMORROW. I was like WO, hold up a second…I don’t have the money to do this tomorrow, I need some time to go over our options, get in touch with my insurance company, etc. He said, that’s all up to you, money isn’t my problem but I don’t want to waste a month. You’re 35 and with every passing month, more eggs die and by the time you’re 37, 38, it’ll be nearly impossible to get pregnant and you’ll have to use donor eggs. Did I mention I hate him? THEN I asked what HIS success rate with IUI is and he said, and I quote “that is a STUPID question.” I said, I thought there were no stupid questions and he said well that one was VERY stupid. Success based on what? Everyone is different, how can I answer that??? Then his cell phone rang, he answered it on speaker and the person asked if he was in the middle of patients. He said no I’m done…and walked us out of the room while I was mid question. I charged over to the front desk, demanded copies of our test results, they gave them to me and we went on our way. I immediately made an appointment with an OB who has been recommended to me by at least 4 different friends and I’m hoping she can get me to a RE, since no friends had names for me. I’ve been told this new doctor is wonderful and when I called the office they said don’t worry she’ll get you to the right person. So I’m thrilled to be done with this despicable human being. If a new, trusted, respectful doctor tells me our only option is IUI, I’ll be more than happy to do it. But I couldn’t help but feel like this man is running a chop shop operation and just wanted to sell me a treatment immediately. I then did some research about him on the internet and found patient reviews and comments about him…I realized I was being kind. I have never in my life seen such hateful comments about a person, calling him cruel, arrogant, chauvenistic, and even my favorite word…a D bag. I feel SO much better knowing that no matter what happens, we at least no longer have to deal with him and his acid tongue. Thanks again everyone, and I’ll let you know what happens with the new doctor on Wednesday. Happy thoughts and :grouphug: to all of you : )



[SIZE=5]I’m so glad you RAN as fast as you could from that doctor.[/SIZE] As I read your post I wanted to hit reply and [SIZE=5]scream RUN!!![/SIZE] I would recommend you contact your state’s medical board and give them a complaint about this doctor. Nothing may come of it, but if he gets enough complaints the state board will take note and possible cause disaplinary action against him.

I wish you luck with your next OB and RE.

As for the comments on yoru age, I would not LISTEN to him at all. I have heard many things about age and eggs. I am sure many woman on here would be able to tell you a thing or two more than I could about eggs and age, but here’s some of the things that one of my RE’s (my favorite RE for that matter) told me about age. When I started treatments I was 30. I was concerned about my age then and he told me, you’re young don’t worry. When my doctor’s proceeded to do my treatments they only recommended transferring 2 embryos at a time due to my “age” and likelihood of getting preggers (and this was EVERY treatment from 30 to 33). Last year my sister decided she wanted another child. When she was in her early 20’s after her third child she had her tubes tied, so she asked me for recommendations for doctor’s. I suggested my original RE (as she lives there) and even they told her at her RIPE old age of 39, that she was young and not to worry. EVERY woman is different when it comes to their egg quality. We are born with all the eggs we are going to have for our life at birth. There are tests they can give you to test quality and quantity, which will give you a much better idea over “age”. [SIZE=4]So again I wouldn’t worry about ANYTHING that quack said to you![/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]Good Luck!!![/SIZE]


OMG…There are no words. OMG is all that comes to mind. I agree that you should contact your state medical board. It is unacceptable for patients to be treated that way by any doctor. UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE!


I am so glad that you are getting in to see a new MD- I can’t believe this guy would have any patients- I agree that you should report his behavior…

I wanted to add to what the others said and encourage you to have more testing done before you consider the IUI. I too went to my OB first before I started seeing an RE and she told me the same thing that everything looked good for me and that it was my husband that was the problem- he had low morphology, but it was in the higher below normal range. When we met with the RE, he had a completely different perspective and didn’t think that my husband was the problem at all- I also had a HSG done before we attempted IUI’s. As some of the previous posters have said, OB doctors have more limited knowledge on treating infertility. Even though I do like my OB, I’m glad that we switched early on.
Good Luck on your journey and :babydust:


Hey everyone…hope you’re all having a great weekend. I didn’t have the strength to write since the new appointment, it’s taking a lot of energy to keep thinking about this. First the good news.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new doctor!! SHE is an amazing, knowledgable, kind, compassionate person and so far we just adore her. The funniest part was as soon as I checked in, the girl took my form and records and said oh my God, you came form Dr. xxxxx and I said yes. She said I worked for him for 4 years, he is a DESPICABLE man, such a pig, you’re going to be so happy here! So that made me feel great. I’ll try to go quickly with the rest.

She told me first off that yes, an IUI might help but only a Reproductive Endocrinologist should be doing that. Then she said while my DH does have the issue with the motility and shape, it’s only a moderate fertility issue and we could still conceive naturally. She also said based on my blood work that my egg supply looks perfectly normal and healthy and substantial and the other doctor was basing his “hurry up” attitude on nothing other than knowing I was 35. There’s nothing to indicate my eggs aren’t healthy. She then said have you had an HSG (this is where it gets scary) and I said no, that jerk said it wasn’t necessary. And she said NOT NECESSARY??? Your last ultrasound indicates a possible tubal blockage! So I told her the ultrasound tech told me she might have seen something but when the doctor only told me I had a cyst, I figured there was nothing. She was horrified. Then she said ok, you ovulated last weekend, you still tried naturally, let’s see if you get your period. If you don’t, this is over. If you do, then we’ll need to schedule the HSG. Just know that this report indicates you might have something called a Hydrosalpinx and usually that’s dealt with by having the entire tube removed. But don’t panic, you can still get pregnant with the one tube. She also did bloodwork because it was day 21 of my cycle and she said my progesterone levels were borderline. Not low but on the low end of normal, and she said he told you all your hormone levels were fine, but this might be affecting you as well, let’s just check and see if this is something we need to fix.

So, of course I left there feeling very positive because she was so wonderful and so was everyone in the office. She said a “salpingectomy” is done laproscopically and is pretty simple and recover is quick and you’ll just feel like you were punched in the gut after. However, then I came home and started in on the internet and found all sorts of upsetting information. The HSG test itself is painful, the recovery from the surgery is a lot longer than expected. Pregnancy rates with one tube are VERY low and IVF becomes your only option. I even read about one instance where both tubes were blocked and the person needed a total hysterectomy. So now I’m PARANOID. I’m a nervous wreck worrying that I have this. If I was 25 with this, I would have many years left to keep trying or to save for IVF. But again I’m 35 and everything I read says you have to wait 6 months to a year to try to conceive after surgery. I don’t have that kind of time. I know I’m jumping the gun here, we don’t know if I have it but I can’t help but feel like it makes sense. People with this condition have a high rate of miscarriages when pregnancy does occur and I’ve had a miscarriage. I’m so nervous I don’t know what to do with myself.

Does anyone have experience with this and/or a positive story for me?? I need some love right now. This situation seems to have gone from bad to worse…now I’m wishing our only issue was my DH lazy sperm, lol. Sorry…I’m a joke maker…I have to be or I’ll go nuts :grr:


Had my HSG yesterday, and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. I took 4 advil an hour before, as instructed. It was painful, but as I was lying there I kept thinking, “If I can’t get through this, how will I ever expect to get through giving birth!” I had no cramping afterwards, but bled lightly through this morning. I don’t have experience with the other tests, but don’t let the HSG scare you. Good luck!! Glad you like your new doc!!


Thanks so much : ) So :af: came today…which makes this all a reality now. I called the RE and I’m scheduled for my HSG next Friday. I’m sad and freaking out all at the same time. When you say it was painful how painful do you mean? Just like period cramping or something more extreme?


Well, the nurse told me that pain can range from no pain at all to extreme cramping. I’d say it was worse than my worst period cramps, but not horrible. I had a pap two days before, so the initial prep felt about the same. He used a speculum which was really freaking cold! Then inserted the catheter thing, which hurt more than an IUI, because your cervix isn’t as open as during ovulation. The nurse says it does that anytime you put something in it that shouldn’t be! Once the doc that was taking the pics came in, my OB pushed the dye through then I think he took out the speculum? It’s more like extreme twinges that only lasted a brief amount of time. I’d say it’s was almost more uncomfortable than painful. My nurse was great and even offered to hold my hand. I had to shift to my left, then to my right. They took 4 pics total, and I was done. My news was good news, so I was so relieved I don’t remember the bad parts as well as I would have liked for cases like this! I can’t even remember how many things were inserted! I had light bleeding, that seemed to have a lot more mucus (sorry, if tmi), than blood, most of yesterday, and still have some spotting today, but I felt fine as soon as I got dressed afterwards. We even went out to Joe’s Crabshack for lunch. Take a liner/pad, you’ll want one if they don’t give you one. The nurse said DON’T use a tampon after. It will get stuck because the fluids put in are sticky. If you have blockages, they say you may cramp a little more. The good news is you should get your results right then and there, so you aren’t waiting any longer. If they didn’t tell you, I was told no sex for like 2 weeks, but the main reason is to make sure you aren’t pg. I had to take a pg test the day before, which I knew was a total waste of $, and call the OB’s to let them know it was negative, but oh well. We did bd once about 5 days before. And I was told to take 4 ibuprofen or 3 Aleve about an hour before.

Sorry if this seems a little rambly. I’m trying to remember details as I go. It really wasn’t that bad. But, it’s like I told the nurse, I’ve had my barea$$ out for doctors so frequently lately, that I didn’t let myself get worried about it! Don’t stress it! Let us know how it goes!


Thanks so much, it’s so nice of you to share this all with me, and don’t worry, it wasn’t TMI. I need all the info I can get, lol. I read somewhere that in the case of a blockage, the pain becomes extreme…I sure hope that isn’t the case. Two last little questions…how long did it take and did they allow anyone (DH?) in with you?


The process is a lot better if you have a good doctor. I went to a fertility doctor in GB and he was wonderful and the nurses were just as nice. We had 3 IUIs. Two were with my normal ob but the third was at the fertility doctor in GB. We conceived with the third one which involved shots. We had problems with both of us but I was lucky that my company’s insurance paid for IUI up to 10 tries. We had our little angel in October…I would go through it again to have my little man. I also had to have the HSG…it wasn’t too bad but I would recommend the ibprofen. My husband did not come along…I did it during the day and he could not ge off of work. I think the procedure lasted about 15-30 minutes tops. Apparently if there is a small blockage the dye that they use may be able to free/clear it. After that we decided to go to the fertility doctor…my deductible was met for the year and figured we would get all of the testing out of the way. Good Luck!


Thanks so much, best of luck to you as well : )


It’s funny how I’m getting to the point that on here nothing is TMI!!

I did ask DH to take the afternoon off, b/c I didn’t know how I’d feel afterwards. And, I figure, the more he sees me go through, the more understanding he’ll be! The room was big enough that he could have stayed, but they had him leave once the x-ray doc came in. If they’d had the lead cover thingy for him to wear, he probably could have stayed. My total time was longer than it should have been. Went in at noon for registration, appt was at 12:30, my OB was delivering upstairs, so he was late. Then we had to wait on the other doc. DH says from the time he left to the time I came out was about 10 minutes. So figure [I]maybe[/I] 5 while the OB put everything but the dye in. I’d say no more than 15 total.

It can clear small blockages. My OB says you can see fertility improve for 6 months after. Now, if the DH can improve his motility this month, maybe we won’t need another IUI! :cross:


Interesting, my DH has a motility issue too! What do you mean by improve his motility? What are you guys doing to improve it?

Have I mentioned I’m freaking out?!?!?!


[FONT=Verdana]Well, he doesn’t smoke or drink, and he’s worn boxer briefs for a long time. The RE said he could either take FertilOne or The following list, which is what he’s been taking since December: Take Vitamin C 200 mg daily in the morning
Take Vitamin E 200 mg daily in the morning
Take L Carnitine 1 gram in the morning and evening
Take Pycogenol 100 mg in the morning
Take CoQ10 75 mg in the morning (can take up to 150 mg a day

It takes 90 days for sperm to mature, so it appears the above has helped some. I’ve also gotten him to cut back on the caffeine. And he is no longer allowed to sit with his laptop on his lap! I still have to remind him though! He joined a gym recently, but I haven’t read up on whether that will help. Here’s a run down of his counts: [/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]

[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]IUI 2: 3/21/11: spec pre wash: count 20.7 million, motility 40%. Post wash count 4.3 million, motility 74%
[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]3/21/11: spec count 5.1, motility 11%

[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]With the above, he gave a sample, it sucked, and gave another [B]1 hour[/B]later, which is the top count.

[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]

[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]IUI 1: 2/22/11: pre wash count 8 million, motility 20%, post wash count 2.5 million, motility 57%
[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]

[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]11/24/10: Count 32 million, motility 35%, morph 4
[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]11/16/11: Count 21 million, motility 26% and morph 6

[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]With our second IUI, I asked about abstaining before the IUI, and my RE said there really isn’t a need to. We did from Sat night (trigger time) until Mon morning (IUI time) and, well, you can see the result! So I say the more :dance: the better! Out with old, and in with the new!


Ugh…it’s so ridiculous that we have to worry about this nonsense and 15 year olds are getting pregnant everyday. We haven’t done any IUI’s or anything yet so I’m not sure what his numbers would be like post wash. His most recent SA showed a normal concentration but the motility and shape were slightly abnormal. We thought that was the only issue but now with this possible blockage…I guess we shall see. We’ve been trying for 7 months now and I guess the HSG will tell us what happens next. I just hope surgery isn’t involved. I’m thinking happy thoughts for you, thank you again SO much for your help. I’ll keep you posted :flower:


By the way, I watched that video you posted and it nearly killed me…that is until I saw this one. And now I’m a complete basketcase.

YouTube - I Would Die For That


I saw that one too. It’s definitely harder to watch!


Just an update, I had spotting Thurs/Fri/Sat after the HSG, and it finally stopped Sunday morning sometime.


Thanks so much for the head’s up : )