BBT, IUI, Trigger shot question


Hi everyone,

Argh. This is the second cycle in a row this has happened - this time I’m calling my RE’s office and asking.

My IUI was yesterday, and I have not yet seen a real temp rise on my BBT… This morning 0.09 higher than yesterday - not much of a rise at all. Last cycle, my rise was more (0.25) but it was only 0.05 over two days before - I had a dip then back up to about what it had been.

More context: I took clomid CD 3-7, had a TON of monitoring, took ovidrel 36 hours before IUI. My follicles were GREAT sizes, and there were at least 3 mature (maybe 4). I started crinone this morning, so any more temp rises might be from that. =(

I’ve read a few places that REs say the meds mess with your charting - don’t rely on it anymore. (My RE hasn’t chimed in, but I’ve never asked.) It’s just frustrating because there is no back up for me, it’s the IUI or nothing. So if the timing’s off, it’s

I really thought, with THREE mature follicles, I’d see more of a temp rise.

Any thoughts?


It is correct, on a med cycle it can mess up your BBT. I know my first IUI i had 3 mature follies and got a nice rise. But all my other IUI’s i had 4 mature follie’s and never got a good rise. I wouldn’t worry about it. I know easier said than done.



Actually, that’s SUPER helpful. Not because you didn’t have the temp rise, but because you had chemical pregnancies in there (so sorry) which at least indicates the timing was right, they were real eggs, etc.

That’s the key thing I keep looking for when I search for info on this stuff - not “does anyone else experience this” but “does anyone experience this and still get a BFP.” I know I really don’t want chemical pregnancies… but I’d also like more data on what isn’t working. I don’t have the BD backup plan, so a chemical pregnancy would at least tell me that sperm met egg, got in, and there was implantation. At the moment, I have no idea if timing is working, if my eggs have too thick of a zona pellucida to allow in sperm (possible with endo), if I’m just not implanting…

I wish there were a way to know these things… sigh

But thanks - seriously, that helped a lot.


The clomid will increase your temp too so that too could make it look like there is no rise since it will be steadily increased the entire cycle. Plus since it is rare for Ovidrel not to induce ovulation there really is no need to watch for the rise anyway as it most likely did cause ovulation. If you just want that peace of mind to make sure then I suggest a CD 21 Progesterone check instead of using the BBT charting while on all these meds. If your Doc doesn’t do them already just request one for peace of mind or you can buy one for about $40 on and have it drawn at a local participating lab.

Good Luck!! :flower:

:cross: and :babydust: :babydust:


ahhny, that helps too, thanks. I definitely had higher temps in general this cycle than usual (My follicular phase temps tend to be in the mid to high 96’s. My coverline last cycle was 96.96!) This cycle, I never went below 97 - and the last 5 days have been almost all about 97.2 (one 97.02 in there for fun, I guess) - then today was 97.29…
I know it’ll be higher tomorrow - but I’m taking crinone, of course it’ll be higher.

But you’ve all helped me quite a bit. Thanks.