BCP to regulate cycle?


I am in the middle of my follistim cycle, but am preparing for the possibility of it not working (only 2 folloies). I saw where someone had success taking a month off using BCP to reset her cycle, then had a better response to drugs the next month. Anyone else here experience that? I didn’t really have a spectacular response so far, and am wondering what to do next.:grr:


same boat

yep in the same boat. I am “resetting” now. this was probably the last thing that i expected.


Me too!

Nple – I can’t believe how close our stories are! I also had a dozen follicles and got cancelled only to end up on BCP’s for 14 days to get rid of a large left-over cyst.

It was 40mm on Monday when I went but I have been having pretty heavy bleeding (with clots) and cramping so I think it’s either ruptured or is in the process. I go back on the 14 of March and then start the Bravelle (just at a lower dose) again hoping I end up with 4 or 5 max follicles.

I’m really curious how you are feeling? How high did your E2 levels get? I got close to 3000 the day we cancelled. What does your RE say about all of this? Mine says I should look at it as a positve thing as in I have good eggs and am very responsive to the meds. Sorry for all the ?'s but I’m glad I found someone in the same situation.

Here’s to all of us getting :cheer: :bfp: :cheer: in March!!