BCPs did not suppress me--progesterone is too high (XP)


I’m injecting cetrotide now to further suppress me and will be re-tested after the weekend. If it doesn’t go down, cycle will be cancelled. I’m worried the high Prog will negatively affect egg quality/quantity, even if they can bring the number down.

Anyone have this happen and end up cycling? How did your ER turn out? We aren’t planning on doing a fresh transfer, so no concerns about implantation issues.


Well, see my siggy. I’ve had 2 cycles where my progesterone has gone crazy. They told me my progesterone was normal at my suppression check and in hindsight it was, although it was higher than my one good cycle. My progesterone went up during stims, without an LH surge. In my case that really screwed up my ER because they couldn’t aspirate an egg from each follicle. They told me because of the elevated progesterone that my follicles luteinized. When a follicle lutienizes you can’t always aspirate an egg from it. I had almost 20 follicles with IVF #1 and only got 6 eggs. Even worse with my IVF #3 they got 12 eggs (almost 20 follicles) but only 3 were mature (with an E2 of 3700!!). They told me the immature eggs were due to luteinization. SO, needless to say the progesterone elevation was a mess for me. Each time I was told the progesterone was not going to affect the eggs, it would affect the uterus and we had a plan to freeze all embryos.

I think my case is unusual and I was actually pretty much dumped by my RE because of it. I was able to find a new RE who is willing to give it another try with a different protocol. She said if we can keep both my LH and my P4 down initially, maybe we will have better luck. My IVF #2 was no problem so we are going to try that protocol again. For me Lupron was probably the culprit. We are also trying a shorter course of BCP (only 2 weeks). My new RE thinks that might keep my LH/P4 down too. Who knows… I’m OOP too and over $50k in the hole. If it were me, I would cancel my cycle in a heartbeat instead of spending the money to start a cycle that is anything less than perfect… Time (age) is also a big issue for me but I would still rather sit out that precious extra month to give it my best shot at success.

Just my 2 cents… You need to do what feels best for you, good luck!!!