Be ware of you ivf billing-- my experience at CWRC


Hi guys,

Is going tough IVF frustrating enough? Try figuring out billing errors with a billing department that is unprofessional and arrogant.

I am currently going through my 2nd cycle at Columbia Women’s Reproductive Care (CWRC) and I just want to contribute my 2 cents to this topic.

I had 3 previous failed attempt at UPENN, then moved to CWRC after doing some researches. It seems like CWRC has over all higer conception rates, and their doctors aren’t afraid going for unconventional protocols…I was previously “diagnosed” to have “low ovarian response”, at age 30(now, started treatment at 29), I could only get hand full of eggs, and mostly end up with 1 or 2 low grades embryo at the time of transfer. …

After migrated to CWRC, we enrolled into the IVF program and paid the 1st time IVF fee which had a discount ($6800 doesn’t include meds or anesthesia). Our overall expense was about$15,000 since we are paying everything out of pocket. Our out-of-network insurance only paid for some diagnostic cost (ie. blood test). Unfortunately my first cycle at CWRC ended in a negative…

however after the cycle, we realized the billing wasn’t accurate, but with so many non-itemized bills from CWRC, it was hard to find out where the problem was. We got on the phone with their billing department several times, and to say the least, these billing ladies were unprofessional both in person and on the phone. (ever got a feeling that someone just hate their job?) They refuse to acknowledge any billing error on their end, insisted that “the system shows no error…” The problem was that since the billing department was disorganized, their system was equally disorganized. No one investigated, or followed up with our request to itemized billing details. Weeks past and I finally had enough attitudes from the billing, and contacted a CWRC social worker, who saw very serious issues and provided me with names of the people from both billing and the management. We were finally granted an opportunity to see an “senior biller” at CWRC, in a room without even a table, we laid out all our bills received from CWRC, had the lady check each one, and she finally admitted that they had failed to charge us the “1st time patient discount rate” but instead charged us the regular rate. The difference was $1300. Howver when you are paying out of pocket, every penny counts. I don’t want begrudge the CWRC, given that their nurses and doctors being so professional and their in patient care is superb… however, be ware of the billing department, (any billing department could make mistakes, regardless of the size of the institution) and never feel embarrassed questioning your bills! We only found out the over charge after weeks of insisting on meeting someone and go through each bills with them. It is your right as a patient, don’t be intimidated just because the hospital might be big…!:cheer:
Hope this can be some help! Good luck to all you guys out there!:cheer:


I also had several billing issues with them, so I agree with the above.
That said, the medical care was stellar and I have a beautiful son!