Bed rest for twin pregnancies?


I’m pregnant with twins (almost 26 weeks). So far, I’ve been pretty mobile and my cervix is nice and long. But I am already so huge, breathless, etc, etc. (I pretty much feel the way I did right before I gave birth to my daughter.) Anyway, I was wondering how many of you who have had (or are having) twins ended up on bed rest at some point during your pregnancy. If you could share your experience, that would be tremendously helpful and much appreciated.

With the holidays coming up, I’m wondering how much I can expect to be able to do – not to mention that I’m scheduled to tour some nursery schools for my daughter and some friends are talking about planning a shower for me in December. I guess I’m just wondering if I can plan that far in advance or if I should just play it by ear… Thanks!


I went on bed rest very suddenly at 26 weeks after I ended up in triage for lots of braxton hicks and PTL issues. At 29 weeks I went to a regularly scheduled appointment and I was 3 cm dilated and 100% effaced and was admitted to the hospital right away. That’s where I lived for another month before my water broke and I gave birth. There are several twin moms on here who made it to the end without bed rest and PTL issues, but be prepared just in case.


I had twins 5 yrs ago and now 16 weeks pregnant with the second set . My previous pregnancy, I had to go on bed rest from 24 weeks (first admission ,mild contractions and back pain) then was readmitted at 28 (true contractions but cervix was closed ,stayed for 3 weeks on bed rest and took 2 full courses of tractocyil and dexa.)
Discharged again on bed rest but came at 32 weeks with contractions due to severe dehydration from gastroenteritis .The cervix was open but only 1cm .I lived in the hospital for another month till I completed 37 weeks (yeah) :woohoo:
So, with all these difficulties ,they came full term :woohoo:.

Well, in this pregnancy , I am on bed rest from 9 weeks due to large SCH (I am still scared how things will go for me ) but I also know a couple of friends who delivered twins at 37 weeks without single ER visit, I guess I was exhausting my self before each admission .

I wish you a healthy pregnancy, take it easy and good luck .


congratulations!! i never went on bedrest, i worked up to 15 days before i delivered my girls… every pregnancy / woman is different… my only advice is rest, water, rest, water… im telling you, i work full time and the minute i got in the door, i changed and layed down until i went to bed… just really concentrating on keeping hydrated (plus that keeps your blood pressure / preclampsia away) and resting… on weekends its boring but i again laid down as much as possible… (probably 8 hrs a day on a weekend) to me, i said to myself it took me 4 long years to get this, i was not going to over due it etc so rest was my key!!! and i feel it worked!! good luck!