Bed rest - Yeah or Nay?


Hi ladies -

Just wanted some feedback about people’s experiences with bed rest post transfer.

I did a strict two day bed rest after my first IVF (3 day transfer) and it was BFN. I was told to do the same for this past IVF (5 day transfer) and transfer was yesterday 12/29. I did best rest for most of the day but drove 40 minutes each way to accupuncture and then had to go to work for 7 hours today, so really haven’t done a strict bed rest.

Any strong feelings or experiences either way with bed rest? thanks :slight_smile:


I was a lazy couch potato all week.

I have read A LOT of info and studies that showed similar or better success without strict bed rest.

Is a prolonged bed rest following embryo transfer useful?

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My dr said it can be worse to be on bed rest and movement is better. He didn’t even let me lay down after the transfer for a few minutes! First ivf I laid down after and rested for three days…BFN (but egg probs) second ivf no laying down, only rested for 2 days…:bfp: !


I did zero days of strict bedrest. I did take it easy the first day but went for a walk that evening. Was up and about the next day. BFP from that cycle, seven week old son asleep now. :flower:


first and second IVF strict 48 hours bedrest= no baby. 3rd try different clinic new policy no bed rest. Went to work and even had sex and my 4 month old is cooing next to me now.


I did strict bedrest for 3 days = :bfn: If I cycle again I will be lazy the 1st day, then up & at the next. I think moving around a little will help blood flow to the uterus. Then again, I have seen people do crazy stuff like a 5 day bedrest & get a :bfp: , so who knows. Good luck to you!!!


I took it easy and I took off work. I didn’t leave the house but i did light light house work . All 3 ivfs I had 2 NGOs and one neg.


Thanks for all the responses. I just feel like this whole process is one big crap shoot. Ive read experiences of perfect embryos not implanting and so so ones implanting. Im sure bed rest works for some and not for others. I over think everything when I get a BFN so just keeping my fingers crossed this time works.

I really miss exercise but RE said no exercise. I think walking is ok but I didnt last time. Other people get red lights for exercise but green light for walking? thanks :slight_smile:


With my first IVF I did three days of being a couch potato- got a BFP but miscarried at 8 weeks. With IVF #2, I did one day of couch potato behavior and got a BFN. With IVF #3, I did no bed rest and am currently 15 weeks pregnant. I have read a few studies saying the same as the posters above- more movement is better, it equals better blood flow. Either way, I think if those eggies are meant to attach, they will. Good luck! My fingers are crossed for you!


I follow the motto of do what you feel comfortable with.

If you get up and do stuff and you get a BFN are you going to believe that you doing those things contributed?

That’s the question I asked myself before everything.

After my transfer I went to our hotel (We lived 3.5 hrs away) and didn’t move except to pee until the next morning. That’s because I was terrified I’d do something wrong. I have two beautiful baby boys now from that IVF cycle.

My IVF BFF did the oppsoite of me, she went to eat and stuff and didn’t lay in bed and she has a beautiful baby boy now from that cycle (We cycled at the same time 2 weeks apart, our boys were born 1 week apart)

Personally, i dont think normal things will make a difference (driving, walking, working, etc) if that were the case no one would be pregnant!

Anything strenuous I would avoid, definitely.

IMO if the embies are healthy and your uterus cooperates, that’s what it really depends on.

Good luck!


There are alot of studies out there regarding this issue and I am with my RE on this one. Bed rest hinders your ability for the embryo to implant.

For centuries woman have been getting pregnant while doing their normal activities during implantation. Our bodies are designed for it. I think you improved your chances by not laying there for days!


My RE recommends complete bedrest for three days!! It sucks, but I always did it. I got pregnant four times, only one time ended with a baby, but that had nothing to do with the bedrest.

I really believe that you will get pregnant or not and some of those little details are really not a factor. For some ladies, it gives them a piece of mind…knowing that they have not done anything that could potentially cause the embryos to not implant. I think my doctor does it for that reason, not because he believes it increases the chances.

Good luck to you!! Hope this is a successful cycle for you, with or without bedrest :).


My RE requires five days of strict bedrest where I do have bathroom rights only and shower rights on the third day. Personally I think it is way overboard but I follow his orders because I have no reason not to. And I’m guessing since REs are all over the board about this, I doubt bedrest or no bedrest really makes a difference in the outcome.


Thank you ladies :slight_smile: appreciate all your thoughts. will keep u posted


For both of my transfers:

Day of transfer strict bed rest. Day after transfer limited bed rest, allowed to take a shower and that sort of thing. After that back to normal except no heavy lifting, sex or exercise.

1st transfer :bfn: , 2nd transfer :bfp: .


Just to update you all, I have absolutely no symptoms but got beta today 8p5dt and beta is 96!!! freaking out and praying it goes up when I go back on Monday. holy crap!! thank you for all your thoughts and listening to me :slight_smile:


Congratulations!!! :cheer:


@ waitingwomb. thank you!!


I didn’t have any symptoms until awhile after beta either :slight_smile: Yay a for being :preg:


@ buckeygirl. thanks for ur feedback. i had sxs before my beta last year when i got pregnant so i was just expecting to have them if beta was positive but that pregnancy ended in m/c at 10 weeks. thanks for ur congratulation :slight_smile: