Been a while! Need NC clinic recommendations!


Hello all!
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We recently moved from MA to NC. While we don’t live in a mandated state anymore, our insurance coverage recently added 2 round of IVF to our benefits. I had an ectopic pregnancy between my kids, and after my daughter was born, I was told my risk increases with each pregnancy. So we opted to have my remaining tube tied. I went into that decision fairly certain we were done (we were living in a tiny condo, my husband’s job was secure, but the future held lots of unknowns) but that we could always try IVF or adoption later down the line.

Well, it’s later down the line. My kids are older, 6 and 3, and I feel…incomplete. We had a consultation with a RE last year, found out our insurance covers the meds, but not the actual treatment. We were/are going through foreclosure on our house in MA, so we didn’t qualify for financing. It made things…difficult. So we again placed it on the back burner. Now I find out we have some coverage, and I’m wanting to explore my options again.

Does anyone have a recommendation for NC Raleigh area clinics? We checked out Carolina Conceptions, and they were okay. I am looking for personal references for doctors. We have BCBSNC.



Hello! We’ve recently experienced DE IVF. So that using donor eggs was the thing done at first. Quite challenging I should say as all these opinions as for the biological relation of the child really made me sick one time. Thankfully supportive people helped us to get through all this and now we’re enjoying our long awaited pregnancy. :slight_smile:
You may have a look at They’re dealing with ivf, also specializing on egg donation and surrogacy. They offer free consultations with the coordinator in London. I think info there is worth considering.
Wish you all the best of luck X