Beginning a new cycle


I had my cd3 u/s this morning. Everything looks good so onto another round of shots and iui. looking to see if anyone else is on the same cycle or close to to join me. I found this blog during my last cycle and I found it very helpful to share this experience with others going through the same thing. Hopefully, :bfp: will be posted here!!!


I am still waiting for AF. I expect her to show up tomorrow or Monday. I have all my usually PMS symptoms so I just wish she would get her already! I won’t be exactly on your cycle, but I won’t be too far behind.


I’m right there with you! I got my final :bfn: for my first IUI cycle and I’m gearing up for my 2nd IUI this month. :af: will be here today or tomorrow and I’ll go in for my day 3 US first part of next week. :cross: I’m cleared to do the injectibles and IUI. Nice to have a buddy this month I’m just a couple days behind you! Best of luck!


Thats the worst part getting that :bfn: then waiting for :af: to show up. Leaves you with a little glimmer of hope. Why do our bodies toy with us sooo much? I’m so ready to be :preg: as I know you ladies are too! This will be our month!


Hey There

I am CD 4 and just started my injections last night. This will be our second IUI.


Hi everyone! I am on cd3 and starting clomid today…:af: showed up the same morning I was going to POAS, so I’m onto my 3rd iui round. Let’s hope for lots of :bfp: for the holidays!


Took last bcp this morning so :af: should be here Tuesday and then we will be underway again. This is our last iui before moving onto ivf in the beginning of the new year so I’m :pray: this 3rd time is it because I really don’t want to do ivf.


Well ladies I am going to join your group. I am not doing another IUI this cycle. We are going at it all natural. We can resume intercourse tomorrow, and I am not going to be on medications or anything. Since we lost the baby and had the d&c I think we have a great chance of doing this on our own. So here it goes!

I am doing OPK’s starting last night and waiting to get my Smiley Face! So as soon as we get it, we will begin. Good luck to all of us and here is wishing us lots and lots of :babydust::babydust::babydust::bsv::babydust::babydust: and :bfp:'s

Hoping we get BFP’s for Christmas, and maybe even beautiful sonograms with that BFP!

Faith high, hopes high, and Positive Thoughts! Hakuna Matata!


Hi [B]JD[/B] I am actually right on track with you. Sat was my CD3 and I will have my u/s on the 18th.

I wish you much luck and hope we can stay in contact.

Ladies… I hope you and I will all have a great result this cycle. :babydust: to us all.


Today (Sunday) is cycle day one for me, so I should have my US Tuesday and will hopefully get the go ahead. This is our first IUI, but we had a failed IVF cycle in October.

For right now, I am feeling much more calm about this than I did about the IVF. Having that fail (and it went badly from egg retrieval on) was really tough, but it was so expensive and was sorta our one big shot at having a baby that was 1) perfectly timed and 2) genetically both ours, which we wanted to try for once. It made it very high pressure. The IUI is less likely to work on one shot, but it also doesn’t have to.

I suspect I will lose this calm once I start the TWW, however!


Lupita-Thats neat that we are exactly on the same cycle. Wonder why different REs chose different meds?Wonder if you don’t have success with one should you try another med? looking forward to posting a :bfp: this month!!

Shmead-why did you do IVF first? Thats what I wanted to do but RE said attempting IUI a few times first is the best route because its cheaper and you never know if it’ll work till you try.

Good luck to us all. lots of:babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


Along with a low sperm count, my husband has a very painful bone disease that is carried on his X chromosome. It is a dominant disorder, so any girl we had would have the disorder. The only way to be sure we weren’t passing the disease along was to do IVF and then biopsy the embryos and only implant the boys (who would have gotten the “good” Y chromosome from him, not the “bad” X chromosome").

It went badly, however: only 2 fertilized and both of those were girls, and both had abnormal chromosomes.

We are now trying donor sperm. He’s fine with that, always was–I was the sentimental one that wanted to try with his DNA at least once. But we are happy about this option as well, and the lower cost makes it much less stressful.


Shmead- wow very interesting and sad all at the same time. Hopefully you chose a great donor with great sperm and you will get preggo on the first try!!!:cross: :cross:

Question to all: How long do your periods normally last? My have only been lasting 2days. It kinda freaks me out cause I remember my periods before I started BC to last 4-5 days of moderate flow. After stopping BC 2 1/2 years ago, I can’t really remember ever having a period last that long. They always last 2 days with maybe a couple times of spotting the next day. It worries me that something is off with my hormones. My RE did say last cycle that all my BW reflected someone who hadn’t taken any fertility drugs and I was doing 75iu of Repronex daily. My lining did get to 8.5 thickness but if my lining was thick enough to implant wouldn’t I have a longer heavier period?
Still searching for reasons for our infertility because we have never been given an exact diagnosis.


I’m starting a new cycle. Actually my first IUI cycle.

Shmead ~ My DH and I are using donor sperm as well. Plus I am on CD1 as well. We can be cycle buddies!


Hi! I also find it interesting that we are right on! Regarding the medications, well I am not in the U.S. and so the doctors here use different medications. I have noticed that since I got here :slight_smile:

I am also looking forward to posting a BFP this cycle. Good luck to you!

Regarding your questions about the periods.
Mine use to last 3-4 days. After I had the laparoscopy done they went down to 2-3 days. Since I started with the medication, I tend to have 1 heavy to med. day and after that the second day is light or just spotting. I hope my info helps a little. I find this whole thing so complicated and I am trying not to complicate it by over analyzing. But I do know what you mean, trying to understand is also something I want!

I hope you have a great week! Stay in touch!


Count me in.

I’ll be with you ladies as well. Good luck to us!:babydust: :babydust:


I’m also posting in the November IUI thread but I’ll join you here too.

11/15 - CD4 for me.

I start 100mg Clomid tonight!

Good luck to everyone!


HI Ladies,

Unfortunately last month didnt work out for us, so we are back to Square 1. :af: showed yesterday, so today is CD2 and I am waiting to find out what we’ll do this month (have a call into the dr’s office).

Are there any of you who have tried something other then Clomid after being on it for 2 months? I am trying to see if there is something else we can try to maybe shock my system into reaching a :bfp: this month.

:grouphug: & :babydust: to all!


[quote=SilvereLyning]I’m starting a new cycle. Actually my first IUI cycle.

Shmead ~ My DH and I are using donor sperm as well. Plus I am on CD1 as well. We can be cycle buddies![/quote]

Cool. I have my US tomorrow as well. It feel good to be back on the horse, so to speak.


Hi ladies, glad to have so many of us so close in our cycles. I go in tomorrow for my CD3 US. Praying that everything looks good so we can move forward with the meds.

wish I could be some help in the period department but last cycle was my first time on meds so really not sure yet. I’m just happy AF came to visit early rather than later. I’ve heard from several of the women last cycle that it took awhile for AF to show.

I hope to see a lot of BFP’s from this thread!!!