Belly Binding/Post-natal Belts and Girdles


Has anyone had any experience with this? Any products you recommend? Would love some advice!


The hospital supplied me with a large binding belt after my c-section, so I just used that. I don’t know if it’s common practice for hospitals to give those out at all or just to patients that had c-sections.

I did find that it helped to wear one. Your muscles will have been really stretched and weakened, so the extra support is good. Plus, you get the added benefit of it making you look a little slimmer.


There is one mom I know that swears by the squeam! I think you can get it on Amazon


thanks so much ladies! i didn’t use this with my first, but definitely want to try it this time!

apparently if your doc orders it it can be covered by insurance, so i’ll try that. if that doesn’t work out, then i’ll check out some to purchase.