Best Infertility Specialist in Dallas, TX area recommendations?


Hi Ladies,
We are thinking of moving to IVF with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis after 3 years of trying on our own, one natural bfp, followed by a stillbirth at 28 weeks in November of 2011. Can anyone tell me about who they recommend in the DFW area? I really appreciate any input, choosing a doctor is such a difficult decision. Thanks so much!

Me-36, endometriosis
Love of my life-42, low count, good motility
1 ds from previous marriage 16
1 stillborn ds in 11/11

Trying naturally for 8 cycles


I love Dr. Escobar at IVFMD (formerly called Advanced Reproductive Care center) Reproductive Care Dallas

He is a great doctor, honestly probably the best doctor I have ever used as far as knowledge and bedside manner; and the clinic has great stats. I love the fact that the doctor does all of the Ultrasounds and you see him every time.


Thanks so much for your reply and best of luck. :bsv:


Dr. Robert Kaufman

He is downtown Ft. Worth and worth the drive! I went through several IUIs and 2 failed IVF with another dr. That dr wanted to only transfer on day 5 and no more than 2embryos. I saw Dr. K about a month after my 2nd failed IVF. He said I think your body hates meds and I want to start with a very limited dose and no IVF. He’s willing to think outside the box and he cares. I ended up getting preggo on my own but he saw me till 12 weeks and I never did a treatment with him. He is a very kind man and great dr. Everything he does is evidence based and him and his wife did invitro 4x!