Best infertility treatment in india


I am new to this forum and I am here to share a experience of my life. some days earlier my nearest one was suffering from infertility. Her period, Ovulation date everything was normal and I was puzzled why cant she conceived. I don’t know where was the problem and how can it be cured. I have heard about lotsof infertility clinic in India but never know which one is best. Then my close friend told about where I found the details of top infertility clinics in India. Believe me it works and I have found the best treatment for infertiliy. Now she is the mother of a little baby.
If this works for you I will be happy.


Varicocele, venous dilatation above the testicle, may also eventually lead to a more or less severe oligozoospermia. Furthermore, tobacco, varicocele, cryptorchidism persistent or excessive heat (important obesity, excessive training, hot baths …) also break sperm DNA, and can reduce fertility even with proper semen analysis.