Best intralipid dosage? 100ml or 4ml


I have been reading quite a bit about intralipids for RPL. Some Doctors recommend 4ml, while others recommend 100ml. My OB will give me what I want, so either dose if possible for me. Seems like such a big difference. Please tell me the dose you did (paticularly prior to ET), and any view points you have from the experience. Thanks!!


Anyone? Anyone?


I did the 100 ml of 20% intralipid and mixed it into a 500 mL bag of normal saline that I then infused over about 2 hours. I can’t say I have heard of only doing 4 mL. It doesn’t seem to me that 4 mL would be a sufficient dose .


We are going to try intralipids with our cycle in July. My consult isn’t until next Monday so I can let you know after that what dose the doctor recommends. When she talked to me about intralipids she said that it was basically just fats and nutrition and that they give it to preemies in the NICU. There seems like a prettly big difference between 4 and 100?


I used 20% in 500 and 250of normal saline the doctor said both were fine. Where are you getting yours there’s a shortage going on.