Best RE in Indianapolis Area/experience


Hi Everyone,
I am 27, DH 32, TTC since 18 months. The journey seems to be unending and looking for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.
My hsg , AMH are normal and I ovulating regularly,
DH was tested with SA with normal count but slightly decreased motility. Have been categorised as ’ Unexplained Infertility’
We had tried one cycle of IUI with no success.
We have been Mid West Fertility with Dr. Bopp and had bad experience with the RN.

Since this journey is going to be more of an emotional roller coaster we thought we would like a doctor who is empathise, informative and genuinely caring.

We would really appreciate any input on RE in Indianapolis Area who have good track record.This is my first post and would like to imbibe what ever is possible and contribute to this very innovative forum.

Thanks in advance.


I went to Dr Henry at Reproductive Care of Indiana. He gave us an awesome cycle even though I got a BFN. The lab managed to fertilize and grow to blast almost all of our eggs/embryos, and I am now pregnant from an FET from one of them. I really liked his bedside manner and all of his staff too. Plus, his prices are very reasonable compared to others in the area.


Hi, I go to Dr. Gentry. My insurance covered some of the testing through him. He is super nice and I love his staff. He got really good reviews on Angie’s list which is another reason we chose him. I ovulated really late in my cycle and had really small eggs. I’m 30 and my dh has been tested and is fine. I finally got my first big egg this month 23mm. So here is hoping for a good tww. I know this might sound weird but we could meet for coffee and talk. I don’t know anyone close to my age going though this. It might be nice to have a friend in the area with similar issues.