Best way to remove adhesive from patches?


Hi ladies, I know I used to have a good way to remove the adhesive left over from patches, but I can’t remember what it was. Any suggestions or tried and true methods? Thanks!!! My stomach looks like a battle field. lol.


I just scrape it off with my nails during bath time. If there is a better way I’m all ears!


Nail polish on a cotton ball works really well!


baby oil takes it right off


Maybe that is what I had done before… For some reason I was thinking it was lotion that did the trick, but haven’t had much success there. Thanks!!!


Nail polish or nail polish remover? Either way, I’m a little chicken about using something so strong. :slight_smile:


This has been my technique as of late, but if I’m in a rush during my shower, that step is skipped! I did break down and scrape it all off last night, but I am going to pick up some baby oil today! yay!


Nail polish remover!



YES!!! It so works. Last night, I used a folded up paper towel and poured out about teaspoon of baby oil. I gently rubbed over the adhesive marks for about 30 seconds and the adhesive lifted and stuck to the paper towel. Yahoo!!! Thanks to all who offered their suggestions.


It totally didnt work for me at all. So weird.


Really? I’m surprised! It came right off for me. Weird. :slight_smile: