Beta 16.1 at 14dp3dt


I just got the call from my nurse that my beta HCG was 16.6 at 14dp3dt. I’m so upset. They usually have you come back in 2 days, but they want me to wait until next Monday. I can’t imagine waiting another week. Has anyone had a successful pregnancy with such a low beta so far after a 3dt?


Jennie5630 ('s first beta was SEVEN!! And she’s doing great! Chin up, it’s possible. And for now, YOU’RE PREGNANT!! Congrats!


Stacey4iu, hi there! I’m 12dp5dt, I’m at 38 HCG on my first beta AND I’m bleeding. I feel kinda like I’m in my period and kinda like I’m pregnant! Weird. I have heard on this forum of low HCG levels going on to successful pregnancies though even with bleeding. All we can do is wait :slight_smile: Sending you lots of support.


Thank you to both of you! I’m a nervous wreck, but DH keeps telling me that I should wait to be upset until I hear it’s a definite no. He says I shouldn’t waste the entire week feeling miserable when it could be a yes. I’m cramping a little, so I’m scared. I’m going to do my best to not freak out…yet!


:pray: that your beta rises and that everything is ok. I think you are entitled to freak out a bit but don’t give up hope. When you want something so badly and you are so close it is enough to freak you out. You are still in the fight. :cross:


Tati - When’s your next test? :pray: for positive results for you!


[QUOTE=Stacey4iu]Tati - When’s your next test? :pray: for positive results for you![/QUOTE]
Hoping for good beta results for you. fingers crossed.