Beta Didn't Double....Advice



I just need some reassurance…or just plain advice! I had a transfer of two 3 day embryos on 10.6.13. On the following Sunday, exactly one week from transfer, I started bleeding, heavily, and thought for sure it was my period…and it was over. I actually had said to my husband that I haven’t had a period this bad ever! So I go for my Beta to end the cycle on 10.17 and to my utter shock it came back with a positive…beta number of 59. Now my bleeding stopped one week later, I went for my second beta and it only went up to a 72. The RN of course, told me they can’t tell me much more until my third beta…I am still not bleeding…took a HPT and it still says I’m pregnant…I’m feeling crampy but no blood. Any other stories or similar situations from anyone else? What could be going on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated…I am going crazy!


My first second beta didn’t double but it soon caught up and started going on up. Really can’t tell til further along is what my doctors told me im wishing you the best ladybug.


I had a similar situation.2 day 3 embryos.first beta was 3. I didnt bother to go for the 2nd one. Then my period came and finished. A day after it finished, I started bleeding very red blood. Hpt showed +. When I checked my blood, it was 575. I knew it wasnt good because the number was too litle for a normal pregnancy. I was terrified of ectopic but it wasnt thank God. The numbers went down fast but it took me almost 3 months to get my period back.


It’s been 4 weeks tomm since my mc and I’m still doing betas to make sure my numbers go on down. Still pos preg test as well and hives from the progesterone … Hoping to get my cycle on my own in a few weeks.


Heather, it’s always better to see a beta double on the second test, but a beta that doesn’t double on the second test isn’t always bad news. I’m in another thread with a woman who had betas that were about your level on the first and about your level on the second. She threw in the towel prematurely but found that, on the third test, her betas skyrocketed. Turns out she was packing twins. So anyway, the moral of the story is that betas are a bit loosy goosy the first two tests. Your third (which is today?!) should answer a lot of question. Good luck.


Well…third beta showed decline…it went down to 55. So I was told to stop my progesterone and then a follow up beta next Monday to make sure it goes down to zero. How long does it take to get to zero? I think I would have just felt better if it were negative to begin with…but now I have the why thought…why didn’t it stick? This was my second fresh IVF cycle…so we have five frozen embryos…We are going to do an FET cycle next. Hoping that’s my lucky cycle…

Thanks for everyone’s advice! Good luck to you all…


I’m sorry Heather. However, you have a successful pregnancy under your belt and embryos in the bank, so I think you are in a pretty good position. As to the why, its probably what it usually is: some kind of Aneuploidy. Every embryo that successfully fertilizes and develops to blastocyst has a pretty high chance of too much or too few chromosomes. I’m wondering if you did a pre-genetic diagnosis before implantation? Also, what is your age? I wish better luck for you in the future.