Beta didnt quite double?


11dp3dt beta was 75, 13dp3dt beta was 140… im such a wreck that it didnt double. anyone seen this then seen success???


Hi and congrats on your BFP!!! Your numbers were very close to doubling! You can see in my siggy that mine never even close to doubled, but I am 31w3d pregnant with a healthy baby girl! I think that everything should be just fine!


My second beta only went up 50%. My clinic only looks for it to go up 66% in 48 hours because betas actually double every 2-3 days in the beginning, so I would say you are well within the range. Mine gradually caught up and more than doubled in the 48 hour period between my 3rd and 4th beta, so hang in there! I know it is tough!


They are looking for 65% so don’t worry.


Ditto to what everyone said. It doubles every 2-3 days so you are within the normal range =) Congrats!