Beta first week of November - Anyone?


I am hoping to connect with other women who are testing around the same time as I am! I am new to this forum however have spent the last 3 weeks reading and learning so much from it. What a wonderful way to have questions answered and offer support to other women.

I have just over a week until test date. I am very nervous. No real symptoms during the 2ww thus far (I am 6dp3dt). I tend to be the pessmist and assume the worst, of course. This is quite the rollarcoaster ride!


Hi crystalp3!
I am in exactly the same boat as you - 4dp2dt and waiting for my beta test on the 4th November.
This is also my first time, but I too have learned so much for reading these posts!
Hopefully :bsv: for both of us!

PS How do I add a “signature” with all my info?


Hi Elena70! Happy to meet you. My beta is Nov5th (here they do a 15 day post transfer beta - - a very looonnnng 15 days!).
Are you going to do a HPT prior to your beta?
Any symptoms thus far?

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Hi again!
Yes! I will definitely be doing a HPT; I have bought a load of cheap ones to use! Its just a matter of holding off as long as possible, coz I know there’s absolutely no use doing one just now.
As for symptoms, i’ve got loads - full, swollen, veiny boobs (oops tmi!); bloated stomach; sore back; tired; emotional - but then i’m sure that’s all because of the progesterone - are you on that too?
Yesterday and today I have felt this weird "ache’ in my stomach, not cramp exactly, but the odd sort of shooting pain in the general region of my ovaries - am a bit worried about that as I haven’t experienced that before.
What about you?
I think I sorted my signature now. Thanks. E


I do not have any pregnancy symptoms at this point - which makes me nervous. However, I have had a ton of symptoms on cycles that didn’t work so I’m trying not to read into symptoms versus no symptoms! I am on prometrium, estrace, baby aspirin, and a multivitamin.

I plan on doing a HPT likely a day or two before my beta. What about you?


Wouldn’t worry about lack of symptoms - at this point any symptoms have to be associated with medication anyway, its just too early to be from pregnancy.
I will probably not manage to wait as long as you to do a HPT! Let me know how things go. Take care, E


Hi Ladies, I hope you all don’t mind if i join. My 1st BETA is not until 11/10/10. Today is only 1dp5dt and I/m on couch rest, my clinic only recommonds 24 hours bed rest. I hope that this thread helps us pass time…praying for BFP for us all.:pray:


I am now at 10dp3pt and am hanging in there. No symptoms really - the odd cramp but I notice the cramping occuring more after I take my prometrium. They make us wait until 15 days post 3 day transfer to do a beta! I will likely do a HPT the day before or the morning of my beta. This is so frustrating! I am thinking it didn’t work and am having a hard time staying positive for some reason! What a long wait…


Congrats essemkay!!!
Welcome linda80!!!
Feeling the same as you today Crystalp. I suppose we just have to hang in there - take care E


I had my transfer on Friday and My first Beta is on 11/9. I am really nervous since this is my first IVF. My curious nature will want me to do a HPT, but I dont know if i will do it. How soon have you guys did one close to your BETA?

:bsv: To everyone !!!


I plan on doing a hpt about day 10, maybe day 9 because i’m a curious cat.

essemkay-Yeah!! Congrats!!
elena70- Thanks.
crystalp3-I have no symptoms either…but I still have hope.


I got a negative Beta today, so pretty down.
Good luck everyone else and take care. E


Elena70- I’m so sorry for you. =(


Good luck to you today! I am in my 2ww with my first IVF and my beta is 11-13-10.


Joining in

I was lurking on the other board for the end of October/early November, but it was too hectic. I’d like to join here!

I had my FET of two snowbabies on Halloween Day. My beta is on 11/8. So far no symptoms, but I did test the HCG out of my system.

:bsv: :bsv: for all of us!!


eastkat and Angelique- Welcome. I hope we get big fat BFP’s!!


Hi. Just wanted you all to know that I decided to take a hpt and got 2 lines!!! Does it really mean BFP? I am excited…but trying not to be too excited. Yeah!!

Angelique-I notice on your signature line that you did get a BFP. YEAH for you!!!