Beta hcg dropping


My beta hcg dropped from 21 (tested 7dp5dt) to 20.7 (tested 9dp5dt). Should I be worried?


Unfortunately it doesn’t really sound good, but don’t count yourself out yet. :cross: for you!

When do you go back for another beta?


I don’t think you can ever really count yourself out with all of this, but unfortunately, it’s not the best sign. I had a low beta 11dp3dt (65), which went up two days later but didn’t double. I was also bleeding on and off. A few days later, it went up a tiny bit again, then the next test showed it was dropping. It was a chemical pregnancy/very early miscarriage. I learned it’s not just the initial number that matters, but how it doubles (or doesn’t) afterwards. Good luck with your next test, and hoping it goes up and this was a fluke! This is all so draining and hard, I know.


Unfortunately, if your beta drops this usually [I]always[/I] means the pregnancy is not viable. This happened to me with my 1st miscarriage. I am very sorry for your loss and wish you the best of luck with your next cycle.


I’m sorry to say, but these levels do not look good. It is not the actual number that’s important but what happens from one beta to the next. For a healthy pregnancy betas typically double within 72 hours. I’m so sorry you are having to go through beta hell. We went through it twice :frowning: