Beta Hell - Help


I had my 3rd beta today. First two were “excellent” per my nurse. Today she calls and said the hcg didn’t double, it should’ve been much higher today. It didn’t double and there were 3 days between tests instead of two. It’s at a 79 hour doubling time. This is really bad isn’t it?


I know technically they are supposed to double every 2 days, but it’s also OK if it’s not quite doubling. It’s good that the numbers are still increasing and you should be cautious, but optimistic. I wouldn’t throw in the towel just yet and hopefully everything will be OK. I’m 27w1d right now and my numbers NEVER even close to doubled. I mean, they were awful, yet here I am with a very healthy baby girl. Keep us updated!


Don’t panic yet! My betas never doubled in the right time frame until beta #5. Sometimes it just takes a while. Look at my signature – most of the doubling time was over 80 hours, and I am 31 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl. I remember so well the frightening feeling of not matching up to the doubling expectations, but it can still work out!


Dont worry yet Little Italian… The beta still did increase significantly and it is possible you had two babies and only one is progressing. When’s your next beta? Good LUCK! :slight_smile:


Next beta is wednesday.


Good luck littleitalian. As others have pointed out (and experienced), things could still be totally fine – and I hope that is the case with you. (And that you get definitively good news soon, rather than days and weeks of being on pins and needles. This is such a long, hard road.) I know it’s a loooong wait for you until Wednesday, but I have my fingers crossed for you.


After spending more time than I care to admit calculating these numbers in every possible scenario, it pretty much comes down to the doubling time (the numbers for 4w5d alone aren’t bad). From 42 hours to 79 is bad no matter how I try. It appears my old eggs have failed me again.


Why don’t you have those embryos tested before the transfer to make sure they are chromosomally normal?


We can’t afford it. We had to take a loan out for the IVF otherwise I would have.


Most people can’t afford chromosome testing- and in the event that you only have a few embryos good enough to transfer, risking those with testing is kind of a waste. Additionally, there is no guarantee that just because you transfer a ‘normal’ embryo that you will get pregnant.


Hang in there Littleitalien. We both know from these forums that life (pregnancy) does not always fall into “perfect” norms. There are outliers that still make viable pregnancies. Praying for you!


Seriosuly, little italian, your first and second betas were twin high. It’s possible that there’s nothing wrong and it’s also very possible that one embryo fell off and the other is going strong. I think that’s a VERY possible scenario. The next beta will give you alot more information. Stay hydrated. I’ve heard being dehydrated can adversely effect HCG readings.


Xerxella, your post made me cry. Although I’ve been easily crying since yesterday. I hope and pray with all I am that this is what it was. But all symptoms have disappeared today. Breast pain, nausea… I will drink lots of water. Thank you again – everyone – for the positivity and the hope.


(((Hugs)))). I didn’t mean to make you cry. What always helped me at this time was accepting that the future of this bean has already been decided. Whether you feel hope or sadness, it doesn’t change whatever’s going to happen. Give yourself permission to feel whatever you want. It’s not going to change to outcome for better or worse.

(((More hugs))))


Crossing my fingers that your beta continues to increase.


You said that nicely-future has been decided. Littleitalian gl today.i hope you will get good news!


In my head I know there is nothing I can do (but maybe stay calm), it’s just the finality of ail. Maybe if this happened the first try, I’d be a little better. I just want this day over. Thank you for being so supportive. I’ll let you know what the number is later this morning when they call.


Unbelievable. No results until tomorrow. Their tech had a death in the family so they’ll call tomorrow morning. I did talk to the doc and I asked him (desperately) if it was a vanishing twin. He said doubtful. That usually happens after the number are over 1000-2000. :frowning:


I got put on hold time after time after time…my first 1 or 2 beta’s. It really does suck I hope and pray it all works out for you ladybug keep your head up!


No idea how he can say that - babies stop growing all the time - at every stage. A vanishing twin can happen any day. I had a beta of 45 at 9dp4dt with DD 5 days later it was 46. Yes - FIVE days later, it went up by 1. Most likely, vanishing twin. DD is perfectly healthy now.