Beta hell


I just found out I’m pregnant!! YAY! My first beta was 160. My second was 240. It doubled 50% in 48 hours. Given my previous history, I’m very concerned that it’s not doubling like it should. Has this happened to anyone else? I could really use some encouraging words.


It sounds ok to me - I’ve seen other ladies on these forums where it wasn’t quite double the first time, but the next time it was much higher. I’m sure it will be ok. :slight_smile:


Thanks for making me feel better. This is so nerve racking!


Yes. My beta did not double until the 4th one. I had low, non doubling numbers with my dd as well. Check out my signature. All you can do is wait. Sorry, I totally know the feeling.


Congrats! Beta hell is the worst!

I had three non-doubling betas, you can see my sig. I also had slow growing embies.

My non doubling beta is a year old.

You have strong numbers, try to stay positive. Only the u/s will tell the story.

Good luck!!


Thanks Ladies! It’s good to hear positive stories.


I think you will be ok as well. Keep us updated on your next beta.


I posted my similar issue just a couple of weeks ago. My second beta didn’t double and I was panicked. Well, my third beta did double and last Friday I saw the heartbeat.

Keep us posted!


I had the same exact case like you. 1st beta was 160 and 2 days later it was 270. I was freaking out and 3rd beta still didn’t double but I am very happy to say I am currently 17 weeks pregnant baby moving actively and in 2 more weeks I’ll get to find out the gender :cheer: . Godd luck to you.

Mona :grouphug:


Try and take a deep breath. I too had non-doubling betas, but remember it should be doubling in 72 hours and not just 48…doctors just say 48 hours.

In any case my non-doubling beta identical twins girls are sleeping next to me and are 6 weeks old today.

Everyone is different and each of our bodies are different…try and not stress too much!

Lots of baby dust!


It’s great to hear all these positive stories. My most recent beta didn’t double either and we haven’t seen a heartbeat yet, so I’m holding my breath until we do.


Great news! My beta doubled appropriately to 954!!! I’m so relieved.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words!


Yay!!! :clap: :cheer:

Great news. Congrats!