Beta Hell


On my second round of IVF. Waiting for my 4th beta results today. Freaking out because the first 3 betas look eerily similar to my last round which was a blighted ovum miscarry.
This round:
8dp5dt - 103
11dp5dt - 216 (doubling 67 hours)
13dp5dt - 391 (doubling 56 hours)
First round:
8dp5dt - 79
10dp5dt - 186 (doubling 39 hours)
13dp5dt - 446 (doubling 57 hours)


15dp5dt - 793 (doubling 47 hours)


Hi Stephanie!

I wish I could offer you some insight, but as with everything, I imagine this is one of those awful cases of ‘wait and see.’ I think it’s a good sign that your doubling time is decreasing, but who really knows? You’ll just have to wait for the ultrasound, I imagine. D: