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Hi. I am new to this site and love all the support it offers all of us as we go through fertility treatments. I just had my first beta test yesterday 9dp6dt. My hcg was 82. Last time my first beta was 141 so I am a little scared about it being lower this time. I don’t go in again till Tuesday and it’s hard to think about anything else till I can get more information and see if the levels are rising. My hubby and I have been ttc for 9 years with no success. We did PGD testing with this most recent cycle and I am hopeful but worried about the 82 level. Is it ok, good, bad? I’d love to hear some of your experiences. Thanks! Wishing you all lots of luck and happiness!:bsv:


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For viable pregnancies they like to see something over 50 so yours at 82 is perfect!! I do believe that as low as a 10 could be considered pregnant, but they look at those under 50 with caution as they are more likely to be chemcial’s or slow growing and potentially non-viable.

Many Docs like to do a follow up beta to see if the beta is doubling every 48-72 hrs since that too can tell them if the pregnancy is viable or potentially chemical.

As you can see from my signature mine was 89 at 10dp5dt and doubled within the 48-72 hrs time frame so they didn’t do anymore beta testing beyond that.

Every pregnancy is different so it does no good to compare one beta level from one cycle to another in another cycle. The fact that your beta on one was 141 and is 82 on this one means nothing as they are both good numbers since they are both over 50. All either of those numbers tell you is that you are pregnant and that being over 50 is promising.

Do you go back for another beta in 48-72hrs?


Yes. I go back on Tuesday for another blood test. Hopefully the numbers go up! Thanks for your encouragement!


[QUOTE=Kiki33]Yes. I go back on Tuesday for another blood test. Hopefully the numbers go up! Thanks for your encouragement![/QUOTE]

I held my breath and was cautiously optimistic until my second beta. Then when that came back good I was all nerves til my 7wk ultrasound to confirm heartbeat. Took me awhile to relax a little and actually feel optimistic so totally know how you feel. :grouphug:

Sending you lots of :bsv: that your beta doubles and you are able to relax a bit until the next milestone.


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Your first Beta isn’t really important as long as is above 25 (even though 5+ is officially pregnant). The most important is the way it dobles. 82 is a good number, don’t worry about it. Let’s pray it doubles ;o)

Congratulations!!! Srtay positive, drink lots of water and sleep as much. Keep us posted.

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Thanks so much ladies! That’s the name of the game—staying positive and not over thinking! Thank you both for your support. Will keep you posted after my next beta on Tuesday.