beta question


I’m freaking out about my beta levels and was wondering if anybody had any insight or experience with something similar happening. My first beta at 14dpo (9dp5dt) was 354. 2 days later, it was 779. (more than doubled). 3 days later, it was 2,310 (still good). Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling much as far as pregnancy symptoms go, so I requested another beta for reassurance. My nurse was hesitant since they don’t normally do more than 3 betas, but she said ok. It was 11,621. This is 8 days after the 3rd beta. Shouldn’t it be sooo much higher??? I know that betas slow down after a certain point, but to slow down this much… it just doesn’t seem right.


I completely understand your fear, but it’s fine. They don’t double any more once the numbers reach about 3000 (even 1000 sometimes). Look at my BETAs for this pregnancy. For some odd reason my RE did BETAs a week apart and mine didn’t double b/c a week later the number was already so high.


I think you are just fine! I had 4 betas and they were so stressful for me. If you look at my signature the 3rd one had a doubling time of I think 72 hrs or something. My RE said that it gets to the point where growth is more reliable to track by ultrasound than HCG levels. Do you have an ultrasound soon? The fact you transferred 2 normal blasts is great! Congratulations on your pregnancy!
Oh, and try not to worry too much about symptoms coming and going-that’s completely normal too!


yep, they slow down after 2000 or 3000… check out my signature!

your betas look great. they should be able to see stuff on a u/s by now (actually, they can see a sac at 1500 or 2000). when is yours scheduled?


I don’t know if it’ll help, but I didn’t have one blasted pregnancy symptom this time around. The only thing I DID have was sore nipples but I thought that was because of my nursing toddler learning to nurse with teeth. Heck, I had AF cramps and thought she was on her way!

Your betas look good and they do slow down after a while.


Thanks everyone… your comments have really helped me stay calm about this. My first ultrasound is on Tuesday. Only 48 hours away! It can’t get here fast enough! I figured out that the doubling time between beta #3 and beta #4 is 84 hours. I guess that’s not terrible… but still so much slower than at first.