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I just wanted to get everyones take on my beta numbers. So first beta # 14dpiui was 299, second beta # 16dpiui was 898. Do you think it’s possible that I have twins?

:babydust: :babydust: to all still trying!!! :pray: that you will get your :bfp: soon!


Hmmm, since you had 1 follie (from looking at your siggy) i would kinda say no.

I’ve seen high beta’s only be singletons and a few be multiples. Maybe compare your betas on with a singleton and multiple pregnancy. But i wouldn’t put faith in beta’s being a sign on twins.


Beta and twins…

Missingmy#2- I thought the same at first for her but then it could be a split and identical twins or a small follie actually released as well…
Time will tell…

I had twins almost 3 years ago but didn’t have beta #'s because our girls were a total surprise. (not even TTC)
One thing looking back that I DID have was about 10 dpast when it must of happened, I was so tired I couldn’t even function. We were on vacation, and I had slept 10 hours the night before and after being awake roughly 4 hours, I went back to bed for a “nap” only to wake 5 hours later. That whole vacation I slept every night and every day for HOURS. Came home and something told me to POAS. I did and it was BFP. calculating back, I was about “4 weeks” or 2 weeks past the conception date.


beta chart

I grabbed this off a post a few months ago… check it out.


strange, the link seems to be down, but they are still pulling on Google. If it isn’t working soon then search Beta Base in your favorite search engine


You really won’t know until the u/s (and sometimes not until the 2nd u/s). My numbers were pretty high (679 at 15dpiui) and I am having twins. I have a friend whose numbers were a lot higher than mine and it is a singleton–they said that the sac was large which is why the numbers were so high. When is your first u/s?


I go Dec 6th for my first u/s. I’m pretty excited!!