Beta same or different with each pregnancy


First let me say how thankful I am to hopefully (grow baby grow) be pregnant with my second after 4 failed FET cycles and one ectopic loss this year.

I was wondering for those who have had multiple IVF pregnancies if the betas were similar or different. I will be elated to see anything with a heartbeat on my ultrasound 11/23, but I am certainly curious about how many are in there since we transferred 2 blasts!

With my fresh cycle 9dp5dt beta was 164
With this frozen cycle 10dp5dt beta was 208

My fresh cycle was a singleton, and I am thinking this is too? My RE says that it could go either way since they can’t always pinpoint implantation. What has your experience been?



My Beta numbers are in my siggy, but with my first successful IVF, my first Beta # was significantly higher than with my last IVF which ended in m/c. Though the number was lower, it more than doubled and I tried to take comfort in that fact, but intuition told me something may not be right and sure enough at my first u/s there was only an empty sac found.

My situation is a little different than yours since your Beta this time is higher than with your previous cycle. Best wishes that this is a twin pg!


Thanks so much for responding Cali! I am so sorry that your last IVF ended in miscarriage.

You would think I would be patient after all these treatments, but the wait between each step is painfully slow. For us, ideally, there is only one healthy bean in there, but would be more than happy to be expecting twins as well. We are so beyond ready to complete our family as this journey has been very emotionally, physically, and finacially draining. Also, it looks like it was our last transfer since we are out of frosties :frowning:

Thanks again for responding!


Last pregnancy 14 dpo- beta 192 twins
This time around 14 dpo- beta- 86 twins again.

So betas can vary widely and twins or singleton, betas aren’t very reliable, I never would have thought it was twins this time around given my much lower number.

Good Luck, Congrats!


Wow, nlhousewifey! I wouldn’t have guessed it was twins again either! Congratulations! Thanks so much for responding…looks like it really can be different between pregnancies.