+ beta. when will 1st ultrasound be?


This is by far my favorite message board & has been a lifesaver during my first FET!! I’m waiting patiently to add my success story to the sticky thread. I’m wondering when to expect my first ultrasound?

Transferred 2 embies on 10/28. My beta #1: 88 12dp 5dt, #2: 219 14dp. They don’t want me back until 20dp so they have more time to see where it goes. What has been your experience with 1st u/s? I don’t want it too early, but a heartbeat before thanksgiving would be awesome!


Hi, we transferred the same day! I have had 2 betas so far 10dp5dt was 208, and then 12dp5dt was 453. This week I will have one more beta (wed) which will be 19dp5dt. And then the following week of Thanksgiving I go in for my first u/s (Wed 11/23, 26dp5dt or 6weeks 3days). I think generally they wait until at least 6 weeks for an u/s so they can expect seeing a heartbeat. I have heard of earlier u/s to see how many sacs and then going back again later for the heartbeat(s).

Good Luck! I am very impatiently waiting for mine :slight_smile:


I had an u/s at 5w3d to see a sak, then another one the following week to see a fetal pole and yolk sak - they were able at that one to see ONE heartbeat, but the 2nd babies wasn’t around yet… so I came back the following week and heard 2 heartbeats, though they wanted Baby B’s to be over 100 and it was 97… so I will go back tomorrow and it will be 8 weeks and hopefully all will be ok.

I think they should have juts waited because going back all the time drives me NUTS!


I had my first ultrasound when my beta reached 3,000. That’s the way my doc does it. Then I had it a week later, and a week later… then 2 weeks later. Good luck!



I went in yesterday for my first u/s at 5 weeks 2 days and only the saw the sacs. My RE said it was normal not to hear a heart beat bc it was to soon. But i read online that people can hear it al 5 weeks. Should i be worried?


From what I’ve learned since posting this question, it would be common to not see heartbeat that early. I’m only going in for third beta tomorrow, 20dp.


Diana, my “pregancy calendar” says the heart beat can’t be seen until 6 weeks. I am sure there is a little variation on each side, but I definitely wouldn’t worry yet! They probably just wanted to confirm the number of sacs.

Stayingpositive, I just got my beta results from today (like 2 min ago!). It’s up to 4713, so I am relieved for now that everything is still on track. My ultrasound is next Wednesday and I am going to go crazy waiting!!! :slight_smile:

Keep us posted on your beta tomorrow! Do you have an u/s scheduled? Sending lots of growing strong vibes your way!!! :babydust:


Bellybean Thank you. My next u/s is Wed 11/23/2011
I think I read yours was the same day as mine? Correct? I will praying for us both!!! :pray:


Diana, yes my u/s is Wednesday too! Oh my, I was thinking FOR SURE I had another singleton in here, but our beta’s are pretty close!!! Hmmm…I guess only time will tell! Your profile pic looks like you have another LO, were your betas similar with that baby? Mine are a little higher than with my first, but not double?!? AHHHH, the torture of waiting :slight_smile:


Yes I have a beautiful 18 months old baby girl. With her my levels were lower. My first was 164 with her and with this one it was 237 (twins). Plus with her I didnt fell this hungry and tired so soon!!! I am hungry every two hours! Its crazy!!!

I cant wait to hear what you have cooking!! I wish you the best of luck! Email me Weds to let me know [email protected] Or i will check this post!! Weds seems like so far from now lol… I pray that we hear two heart beats!!!


Diane, I will definitely keep you guys updated! My DD was 164 on my first beta too (9dp5dt)!!! This was 208 (10dp5dt), so there was a whole extra day in there, but I guess you don’t know exactly what day/time implantation took place so my RE’s office says it could go either way. Ideally it’s just one more for us, but we would be thrilled with 2 too. Just happy to finally be pg again!!!


3rd beta update

I got my third number & I think its low. What do you think?
20dp=1,394. I had been at 219 on 14dp. I am going in for u/s next Wednesday. Nurse wanted to wait for Fri (4 full weeks post transfer) but I asked for Wed due to holiday. I feel discouraged.


[quote=stayingpositivein09]I got my third number & I think its low. What do you think?
20dp=1,394. I had been at 219 on 14dp. I am going in for u/s next Wednesday. Nurse wanted to wait for Fri (4 full weeks post transfer) but I asked for Wed due to holiday. I feel discouraged.[/quote]

don’t be discourged that’s a good number…


Stayingpositive, try not to worry!! I did a beta doubling calculator on your numbers and the doubling time was 53 hours (of course I just guessed the time they did the blood draw). With my DD, the doubling time when I got my 19dpt test was 52 hours!!! You are still looking great!

That means the 3 of us have our ultrasounds next Wednesday!!! I am so hopeful for everyone! :babydust:


Wow. Thank you for telling me such a calculator existed! You are right on with 53 hrs. I feel much better seeing the doubling norms. Now, just have to chill til Wednesday!
:babydust: to all


Waiting for U/S

Hello ladies!

I read all of your comments and I was happy to see I’m not alone. My RE has scheduled my U/S for 12/2 and I’m trying to stay positive. If I transferred a 3-day blast on 10-30 how far along would I be on 12/2. I think 6-weeks right? My RE pushed the U/S out to make sure we can hear the heart beat. I feel like I’m the only person waiting this long:grr:


NWRight, your “pretend” LMP would be Oct 13, by counting backwards from transfer date. So my math puts you at 7w1d on Dec 2. The waiting game is such a killer!!! Ahhhhh…I am going crazy waiting for Wednesday!

Hope everyone is doing well and I hope a few of us get fantastic news in a couple days!!!


I moved my u/s to Friday 11/25 b.c. we’re both off work & hubby could not do Wednesday with crazy work! So add 2 more days of waiting for me!! But I’ll be eagerly awaiting your results! BTW, what level of heartbeat numbers do we want?


Diane, are you still around? Today is our big day!! I feel sick to my stomach I am so nervous/anxious/excited. Too bad it’s still 6 hours away for me. I know I’ll feel better if the u/s is good, but I am also part of the October thread and there have been SO many loses after seeing the heartbeat it really really worries me.

I am sending all my good vibes out for us today!!!


Wishing everyone the best

Hello ladies, I came back to this trend today because I remembered there were several people who are scheduled for U/S today. I’m sending a big bag of baby dust to everyone.:babydust: I moved my U/S up to 11/28 as I recently realized I would be 6 weeks by this time. I will be patiently waiting to hear your U/S results. Best wishes to everyone.