BFN 12 dpiui feeling hopeless & afraid


Been ttc 2 years… Fertility drugs (clomid, then Letrazole), hcg shots, pre seed, measuring follicles for 6 months, acupuncture, RE said IUI was perfect timing… I ovulate completely normal! I’m 32 and dh 37 - neither of us have any issues, sperm count high, no blocked tubes, mobility great, totally unexplained We are not getting younger Finally did first IUI and was feeling very hopeful this was the step we needed. Got a BFN today, 12 days past iui :frowning: Feeling so emotionally exhausted, no one seems to understand, friends having babies left and right. I’m very positive, pray lots, have a. Great attitude, but feel so crushed when I get let down. Wondering why us, and what the issue is!? If everything seems normal why can’t we get pregnant! Discouraged… Thankfully I only allow myself 2 day pity party each month then back to positivity. Anyone in same boat? Anyone have any success stories to keep my faith alive!? Ha. What is wrong with us! Baby dust to all… It’s a very exhausting journey we are all on, and quit often very alone!!! Hugs to all in the same shoes


I have seen women on here get BFN’s 14dpiui and then go in for their Beta and they’re pregnant! Don’t give up hope yet!! 12dpiui is still early, especially if you implanted late.


I know exactly how you’re feeling. I did IVF for PGD to prevent a genetic condition and the first two cycles didn’t work. The Dr said the cycles went beautifully and couldn’t explain why the failures. I was especially devastated because DH and I weren’t diagnosed with any fertility problems. We only did IVF for the PGD. Keep the positive attitude and in the back of your mind there is always the hope that if IUI doesn’t work you can always turn to IVF which has much higher success rates! I hope you have a late implanter and you get a bfp soon and don’t even need to worry about IVF though!


I know it is hard after the first IUI does not work out. But there still is a chance it did, don’t count your self out till AF shows. On the other hand I have seen many ladies get their BFPs after 4+ IUIs. Your chances are still only about 20% at best that IUI will work after 3tries. Not the best odds but better then the 8% naturally. Some people respond better to one drug over the other and therefore release healthier eggs on one vs the other. It might just take a few tries to get your specific potion correct. My point is don’t give up, it might take a few tries but it will happen one day for us all:) good luck next cycle and lean on the ladies on here they are amazing and very supportive. It is nice to have people who have/are going through what you are going through to talk with.


I know it can be so discouraging. Try to remember that the majority of women won’t get pregnant on the first IUI. If this cycle doesn’t work out, there’s always the next one. And this isn’t the end for you - you still have a lot of treatment options ahead. I know it can be so tiring and depressing. Just keep at it. We’re all pulling for you.