BFN 7dp3dt --do I have any hope???


I got a BFP the evening of 7dp3dt on the cycle we got DS. This is out 3rd cycle ( 2 fresh, 1 FET) this year and Im losing hope that this one worked. Tell me there is still a chance of a BFP? I used an FRER. Thanks!


Wayyyy toooo early for a 3dt to test! Please look at some of the other threads on the IVF main page concerning hpt this morning. I posted a chart that tells you when hcg is secreted. If memory serves me correctly, 9dp3dt is the earliest you will probably register on a hpt. Look at the chart for clarification!

Best of luck! KUP

#3[/URL] [B][URL=“”]Anyone get a negative HPT 5dp5dt and went on to be pregnant?

Read this thread… the chart is on here on when to test whether day3 or day5 transfer!