BFN after POAS but positive Beta?


I have to ask: Anyone POAS the morning of their beta and get a BFN but then have a positive beta? Mine’s tomorrow morning. I P’dOAS this morning, nada. Not even a faint hint of anything. If I do it tomorrow & get the same result, is that it? I’ll be 9dp/3dt (fresh) tomorrow.


I got a bfn 8dp3dt which is u today right ? Not impossible that’s an early beta


well, so much for that. had my beta today…my hcg level is 1. ONE. i suppose that’s better than 0, but since the nurse kept apologizing to me over and over (like it was her fault?), things aren’t looking great. have a second test on tuesday to see if there’s any increase. yet another 2 days of crappy wait. sigh.


Ugh I’m so sorry :frowning: my clinic would call that a bfn naturally occurring hcg is 0-4 at any given time are u planning to cycle again ??


thanks, sorcet. i don’t know yet what the plan will be after tues. if it’s still a BFN…on one hand, i have two healthy beautiful kids from my first marriage. on the other, i was really, really excited to have a couple more with my DH…i just feel like i’ve got more mom in me & that i’m not done yet. but if it turns out to be a major MF issue, then i suppose that’ll put a damper on things. i guess the next step would be more sperm testing to see what’s going on there.