BFN again, what treatment next?


Hello ladies, I have that terrible feeling that I will be facing yet another “BFN”, see my signature. So, I am torn what to do next. I do have insurance so incredibly, a 2nd IVF is an option. Although like so many of you, my deepest greatest wish is to just have a plain-old natural pregnancy.
Ok, I am starting this thread in this forum and in one of the IVF forums as I want to see some replies. I really hope it helps me, as well as some others!!!

For the first IVF, my RE said I responded to the Long Lupron protocol well. They got 18 eggs, 16 matured in the lab, 10 fertilized with ISCI (this RE always does ICSI with all IVF’s), but then 8 of those 10 embryos “arrested” development (stopped growing and died I guess) and we were left with only 2 that were so “slow-growing” that we had to cancel our day 4 ET and transfer on day 5. On day 5, RE said that only 1 of them was slightly promising. We put both back in, and I got the BFN 2 weeks later. So, here’s what my RE advised to do next: I could either A) do inexpensive treatements and hope for the best, B) do the same IVF protocol again because I responded very well, but use donor sperm for a 1/2 of the eggs and see what happens. If my embryos thrive with some 20 year old guy’s sperm then we know it’s a sperm issue. If they are slow-growing again, then we know it’s a egg issue and we should move on to donor eggs. C) Do a 2nd IVF but use FSH only because a small % of women with PCOS are LH-dependent and this might be the answer.