BFN but no aunt flo


Hi everyone,

I’m new here, but been dealing with the fertility thing for a few months - all the history in my signature.

This past month I did the clomid challenge, and the clomid thinned my lining so I’ve had 3 x day estradiol since CD 11. On CD 15 I had an HCG shot to trigger ovulation - the ultrasound on CD 11 showed that there would be 2 eggs ready to go by then.

I had a blood pg test on Friday, :bfn:, so they told me to stop taking the estradiol. I did, but still no aunt flo (now CD 36)

Has anyone had this experience? How long should it take to get AF after stopping the estradiol? I called my clinic but they said to just wait another few days and then they can give me something to make it start. But I’m wondering, is there any hope that the test last Friday was a false negative? :pray: