Bfn feeling very low


Hello Ladies/gents,

Just got a :bfn: at 12dp5d FET. Absolutely gutted, as I have waited nearly a year to try since egg collection.
Took so long as I ended up with OHSS due to my PCOS, then an ovarian polyp being discovered which eventually got removed.
All looked really positive, 2 good grade blastocysts that thawed perfectly. Taking the HRT and Cyclogest as directed and managed to wait the whole 12 days before testing.
Now I’m thinking maybe the test is wrong, because my hormones and body seems to be such a cantankerous b*tch. But am I giving myself false hope again? IS THERE ANY POINT!??:grr:
Can’t even bring myself to ring the nurses to let them know.:frowning:


Did u do betas?? Some times pregnancy tests are slow to detect and u may have a positive beta. How many days where your blastocysts? 5 or 6 that also can play some role into the whole thing. Do you have app for beta?? Don’t loose hope until blood test that is the only 100% sure thing


Thanks for the reply Mpoumpouditsa.

They were 5day blastocysts, transferred on the 20th. Embryologist was very pleased with quality and how they were looking.
I have NEVER been told about the beta test, just had the transfer and told to do a hpt today and let them know “if it’s negative, you can come off the meds straight away”.

I used a ClearBlue Digital with morning pee.

Want to go and buy a variety of different ones now to check, but my eyes are way too red and puffy and it’s not sunny enough for shades!


*I meant uterine polyp


I would definitely go get a blood test.
I took a HPT yesterday (7dp5dt) and got a positive with a First response test, delighted with myself.
Then this morning with an Irish brand called Accurate I think I got a neg. There may have been the faintest of lines but yesterdays was so much darker and obvious.

First Response are the tests me doctor gave me so i assume they are the best so I went out and bought more for tomorrow morning. I am freaking out I just hope it was the test and i hope it was the test for you too.

Please buy more tests (different brands) and call your doctor before you loose all hope. :bsv:


Definitely GO get beta test! I’ve never heard a doctor saying take a HPT and let them know. Usually they are the ones that say DONT take them b/c they might not be accurate. Definitely dont stop taking the meds before blood test.


I would call them and ask for a Beta Test. I find it weird as well for them to say take a HPT and call them instead of scheduling at Beta Test. I’m doing my IVF cycle out of town and they told me to schedule a blood beta test on the day I’m supposed to find out.

You could also buy other brands of test but I would want a blood test just to be sure.

Good luck and sending :pray: up for you.


Please have a blood test and DO NOT come off your mess until you do!!! I got a positive with a “never heard it before” brand I got off amazon and I had a neg clear blue on the same day!! As the other girls have said I never know a clinic or doc to suggest just hpt!!! Please let me know what happens
I wish you the best of luck


Agreeing with everyone- I’ve never heard of not doing a beta test. Even when I had my period and obviously wasn’t pregnant, they made me do a blood test. Why? Because even bleeding and a negative HPT are not clear indications of not being pregnant.