BFP 4 weeks after miscarriage?


I miscarried on May 29th. It was an IVF pregnancy that stopped developing at 6 weeks, so I stopped progesterone and it took 6 days from the time I stopped drugs to the time I miscarried. I bled for about a week after the actually miscarriage (the 29th is the day I passed all the tissue). I had a miscarriage in the IVF pregnancy prior as well, and started my next period exactly 4 weeks after my d&c.

Due to my husband’s crap sperm and my now known crap eggs, the chances of us conceiving naturally are very small. Soon after the miscarriage, we began moving forward with the adoption process.

It will be 4 weeks from my miscarriage day tomorrow. On a whim, I took a pregnancy test, mostly to get rid of my last one, and it said pregnant (digital). I asked my husband to buy some FRERs, and took one that was pretty dark. I was also able to get a beta today and it was 136.

I go back for a repeat beta on Thursday, so I’ll know then if this is still miscarriage remnants or a new pregnancy. While I think the latter is very unlikely, I have a weird allergy to progesterone that has been very active the last week. That would imply that I have progesterone in my system, which would imply that I did indeed ovulate. I don’t think that I could ovulate with a beta that high.

Does anyone have any stories like this?!? Were you pregnant, or was it leftover tissue from miscarriage giving off hcg? I will find out for sure on Thursday, but that seems like an eternity away now. I only associate pregnancy with loss at this point, so I’m not thrilled with the idea of being pregnant (CRAZY, right?) since we were totally committed to the adoption route. I just need someone to talk me off a ledge!

Thank you!


I know it’s hard to get excited when all you’ve experienced is loss. I hope it’s a new exciting adventure for you, but it sounds like you are doing the right thing going to the doctor and getting your quantitative tests.

If you guys are wanting to have more than one child I would still work on the adoption route if that’s something you guys want to do. You definitely don’t know what the future holds, and while I am hoping it’s nothing but sunshine and happiness it never hurts to have the adoption process started and or ready to proceed when you guys are ready.

I wish you lots of hope and excitement for the next several months rather than grief and loss again! Please keep us posted!


I wanted to say I’m :pray: for you. I hope it’s a NEW :preg: and you go on to have a healthy and happy PG. Best wishes! P.S. Stay occupied and off DR google until Thursday. :nerd:


:pray: :cross:


Just fyi in case anyone stumbles across this thread. My hcg level was 136 the first time and 133 two days later. So it is likely leftover miscarriage. I couldn’t find anyone who had a beta higher than 100 4 weeks after a miscarriage, but I am an example of that if anyone is ever searching. I haven’t had any bleeding or even spotting in almost three weeks. Back on the adoption path!


Sweetc - Did your Dr request a D&C? Sounds like your beta is staying within the same range and it might be wise to opt for a D&C. Four weeks after a miscarriage, your beta should be zero. Esp if it’s within the 100 range. Best of luck with the adoption & dont ever loose hope. :grouphug:


Yes, I get tested again next week, but more than likely I’ll need a d&c. Which I was trying to avoid by trying to do naturally, but I guess that’s the way it goes!


Sweetc - I’m sorry you have to ride this roller coaster. I was hoping for a miracle for you.


Just don’t lose hope and take all medications prescribed. Pray Jesus he will sure help you.