BFP 8dp5dt or later


I transferred two 1AA blasts and am currently 7dp5dt. I’m getting bfn’s with no hint of a second line. I’m using a FRER with my FMU. I’m going to test again tomorrow at 8dp5dt. I keep reading stories of women getting their bfps by now. Am I out?


I have seen lots of ladies on here not get a positive hpt until the day of their beta so you are not out yet.

I got a very faint positive on 7dp5dt, but it stayed faint and wasn’t an obvious positive until the day of my beta.

Sending you lots of :babydust: :babydust: !!!


Honestly it all depends. With my DD I did an IUI and didn’t get a :bfp: til 17dpo. I even had a vanishing twin with her and then I got my first beta at 21dpo and it was already over 2500, so it really depends. I had been testing daily since 9dpo as I was sure I was pregnant and was having symptoms that early.

My 1st IVF, I got a :bfp: at 7dp3dt and had NO symptoms, but I lost it afterwards @ 9 weeks.

Your not out yet, its still early and your not even to the point where you would start :af: …Keep your chin up. The hpts are great when they work (or you get an early bfp), but they are the devil when they dont. I would say not to stress til your beta. I also found when I used FMU it took longer, but when I did it in the afternoon it came up faster.

Good luck.


8dp5dt and yet another bfn! Completely heartbroken. This was my fourth fresh ivf in the last year but the first with donor egg as egg quality is our issue. No frosties at all.


You are not out of the game!
I had the faintest line 7dp5dt with 2 blasts transferred. The lines eventually got darker.
Good luck!


I know it’s hard but try to stay away from the test until beta…Stop putting the stress and pressure on yourself…

Good luck…and :cross: :pray: :pray: :pray: :grouphug: :grouphug: :bsv:


hi we are both 8dp5dt read on…

i took a test 5dp5dt and got a negative. That’s all it took for me. I vowed not to take another one. Tomorrow is my beta. I will post tomorrow:bsv: