BFP at 4dp6dt - could it be the trigger?




Hello there,

My trigger stayed about 2 days in my body, on the 4th day I got a faint line. By day 6 my line was as dark as the test one. So, officially I got my BFP on day 4th!

Good luck and sending sticky vibers.



At age 34 and a 6 day transfer I would say that BFP is gold :slight_smile:


Just an update - my bfp at 4dp6dt in February was just the trigger. :frowning: Got another faint bfp at 4dp6dt in June, which was the trigger again. Seems like it takes at least 11 days for the 10,000 Hcg trigger shot to leave my system. Just got yet another faint bfp at 4dp5dt, and am assuming it’s just the trigger. Crossing my fingers for a darker line tomorrow!!


test tomorrow and see!