BFP but still bleeding


I was so excited to hear the Dr. call and tell me I was prego but a week later I started a period. Freaked out I went to the Dr. for an ultrasound where he couldn’t see much because I was only 3 weeks. He said that my levels were still high so if I was miscarrying it was because I had multiples and I was just loosing one of them. He said I should only bleed for a couple days. Over a week later I am still bleeding. It isn’t clots or fresh blood, it is that nasty brown crap and I go through a pad a day… but still… isn’t one of the positives about being prego the fact that you don’t have a cycle for 9 months? Should I be worried?

Two days ago I had my levels retested and they are still on the climb so I am still prego. I am so excited for our ultrasound this Thursday where we finally get to see how many we are expecting. I had a 40% chance of ovulating 4 eggs and each of them had a 20% of fertilizing (we just did ovulation stimulation and planned intercourse but it took us 6 months to get me to ovulate, and that was after trying on our own for over 7 years). The Dr. believes I have twins in there but we will see at my 7 week appointment this Thursday!!!

My eight year old is SOOOO excited to finally be a big sister and we could not be more happy. Praying for a successful pregnancy and birth!


So excited for you. I hope you see two happy healthy growing babies in there. As for the spotting. The fact that i’s not fresh blood is probably a good sign. Hopefully the spotting will end soon.