BFP on 2nd Round of Femara


I got a shocking :bfp: this morning. It was my 2nd round of Femara along with Gonal-F injects. I also had started CoQ10, Myoinositol, and Melatonin (CCRM) protocol in hopes of improving egg quality. I’m still in shock and of course feeling very blessed. A weird dream gave it away for me. My temp had gone down a bit but the oddness of the dream had me test at 11dpo. Usually too early for me. Good luck, baby dust, and sticky vibes to all!


Congrats girl!!

Etsy-Congrats on the :bfp: and hoping your bean is all nestled in. I also did femara and menopur got pregnant and m/c last month hoping to try again soon. Just waiting for my period I ovulated on Thanksgiving of all days after the m/c and hopefully :af: she won’t show. Please explain your egg quality protocol. I also am hoping for my 5th so we have much in common. Congrats!!!


I’m sorry to hear about your loss.
We do have a lot in common! I have heard a lot about a new IVF protocol where women take supplements to improve egg quality. Studies have shown greater IVF success rates when women take these a few cycles before scheduled IVF. I have to say, I didn’t use IVF, but figured it couldn’t hurt.

Myo Inositol 2gm BID
Melatonin 3mg QHS
COQ10 200 mg BID

The research is still new and of course there will be more studies done. But these are what I added to my routine.

Best of luck and lots of baby dust and sticky vibes.