BFP on first round of injectibles?


I was wondering if anyone could share their story! I just started injectibles this cycle and I am beginning to lose faith because I always get a :bfn: …

Need the encouragement!!!


Awww thanks!

For whatever reason I am very nervous this cycle. Maybe because we told everyone we were “taking a break.”

Thanks for the luck!


My first full injection cycle with IUI i had a chemical. While it isn’t a success story… sperm met egg. But i’ve heard alot of success for women who are on their first injection/IUI cycle. Goodluck!!


This cycle will also be my first round of injectables and first IUI. I’m also a bit nervous…and excited and anxious and many other feelings!
:babydust: to you! Let’s get some BFPs!


I got pregnant on my first round of injectables…first IUI actually, so it happens. Don’t lose faith! You can check my signature for the play by play.



Yep, worked for me the first time.

I think we did clomid only cycles 5 times and always a BFN.

First IUI with Clomid and Injectibles - A BFP.

Good luck!


I also got my :bfp: on my first round of injectables! Good luck to you!!!


Same here - got my BFP on the first Injection only round - after 5 or 6 BFNs with clomid only and then clomid & injections. I :pray: it works out for you!