BFP on my first FET


I just had a BFP on my first FET, but lost the baby by beta #2. I am really worried about immune issues like NK cells or antibodies attacking the fetus. I have read that sometimes this is more likely to occur on the second baby. I also have endometriosis which increases my risk. Can anyone shed some more light on this? Have you been able to conceive after this type of diagnosis? What kind of testing is involved? I really dont want to waste my last 4 embryos, since age and money are a major factor. I dont think we would be able to do another fresh cycle. Please help!


Hi knpoduch, sorry to hear your loss. Even though I never tested for NK cells but always suspect that I have immune issues, I also had endometriosis but did surgery to remove them. Anyhow, I never get any bnp until I did this protocol, lovenox (blood thinner) and very low dose of prednisone (steroid that suppress the immune system), you should ask your Dr to see if they have similar protocol. Good luck!


If I were you, I would look for the reproductive immunologist before any transfer. Also, don’t take meds llke prednisone without testing because dosages vary. You need the immunologist who will be following you and adjusting the meds (in case it proves you have immune issues).


I’ve heard of ladies needing an iv infuse, sorry I’ll have to look up the correct verbage. The dose is taken every 2-3 weeks. Its given by your RE or hospital. I was prescribed heparin prednisone & baby aspirin. Best wishes I hope you find your cure & get your thb soon.


I have immune issues and see Dr. Braverman. He’s amazing and will follow you through the first trimester!


My doc pretty much told me that the whole immune problem is complete hogwash in his eyes. Not that its not possible or anything… but more that the treatments are not proven. I just dont know what to do. I am so frustrated.


Hey hopingfortwins… how much did your FET cost with Dr Braverman? I did email him… but I have no idea how much it costs. I would imagine a TON more than my doctor, seeing as it is in NY.


I am very fortunate that my insurance covered most of it. The only reason I did FET was pgd. I had to wait for results and it took too long to do a fresh transfer.


Oh. Ok… my insurance will not cover IF.


That’s funny because Braverman got me pregnant on his first try with his hogwash :slight_smile: I think that’s what res who don’t understand immune issues like to call it! Prior to Dr.B I had 2 unexplained failed cycles w 5 day AA blasts that were pgd tested … My old re had no answers except that sometimes Ivf doesn’t work. That just didn’t sit well with me. I am so happy I switched to Dr Braverman:)


His prices seemed normal to me. I don’t live in NY I travel to see him & am monitored locally. The only thing that makes him a little pricier is the immune testing. It won’t hurt to give him a call he may take your insurance:)


It just doesnt make logical sense to me that it wouldnt cause any immune problems, especially with endometriosis. Can you see my tentative plan in my signature? I have an appointment with my regular doctor on Friday to discuss what he thinks about whether endo can cause a miscarriage. If you think about it, since my lap, I have gone through three medicated IUI cycles, 1 heavily medicated IVF cycle, a pregnancy, over 18 months of extremely heavy periods followed by 6 months of extremely painful periods and now a loss of a pregnancy after a FET. I cannot even imagine that my endo would NOT be back at this point. And that definitely can cause immune issues. I like my doctor… I mean hey he got me pregnant the first IVF. But I cant afford the time and money to mess around. I am 35 in 2 months. I want a big family. We were hoping for three babies and now I am just hoping that we can get two, out of 6 perfect embryos! That doesnt make sense to me at all.


I have a local HMO so basically no one takes them out of town, but they may have some out of network options. I doubt they would cover much for infertility though. My FET was only $1400 + $430 for sono hsg and $400 for embryo storage per year. Thats on the very cheap end. I would doubt that Dr Braverman would be less than $3000. But still WAY less than a new IVF. I will have to travel like you said since I am in FL. I did email him already so we will see what he thinks.


Are your 6 perfect embryos pgd tested? Or great quality blasts? I don’t want to be negative but I want to be real with you on something… I had 10 grade A blasts and pgd testing revealed 6 were abnormal. Humans make lots of abnormal embryos. It was hard for me to accept but it’s true. And my results were normal for my age. I’m 32


I sent you a private email did you get it? :slight_smile:


No I didn’t get it. No I didn’t do testing, but my DS came from those embryos so I have to assume that it’s not the issue. I can’t go back and test them now.


I do agree that we make a lot of abnormal embryos… but I think the statistics are a bit confusing on this. Scientifically speaking, we have already lost 3/4 of the embryos. If you imagine that 20% of normal healthy women will get pregnant even if all the stars align on any given month… that means that 80% of embryos are abnormal or not capable of producing a live birth. This statistic is pretty well confirmed its about 75-80%. But that is including an egg fertilized with a sperm. Meaning that I had 22 eggs from my cycle, only 15 actually survived fertilization (all fertilized with ICSI) and out of that 8 formed 5 day blasts. Thats a 36% survival rate at this point. Statistically, approximately 50% of those embryos should be normal and should be capable of producing a live birth. Does that make sense? You were at around 40%. Which is not bad, considering you were trying to prevent a known genetic condition.


There are some cases where women experience multiple mcs after the birth of the male. They attribute it to the body response that sees an embryo as an intruder. Dr. Braverman has a 10 min skype consultation for free. I woyld go for it if I were you.


Thanks for the best wishes. I do disagree completely with the term “chemical” however. I had a miscarriage. Granted it was very early and did not require a D&C thank God. But there was still a baby involved and he/she did not survive. It wasnt some random chemicals that just showed up out of nowhere. There was a pregnancy and now its gone. My HCG was higher than 7 at one point because I took many HPTs that were all positive and at the very least higher than 20.


Yeah I agree, these were hospital tests though… so I guess the problem was that they were probably too sensitive. Im just frustrated and sad and just need a direction to go. I do agree that it was most likely chromosomal… its just that we cant do another IVF so I have to hope that these 4 frozen embryos are good. We were thinking that we might need to decide what to do with the extras at some point, because we only wanted 3 kids and not 7! But now I am just hoping that I am lucky enough to have two. :frowning: